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New Gem Elixir Pricing - Breakthrough Technology for Gem Elixirs

Trinity Gem Elixirs Re-Priced

Trinity Gem Elixirs Now at a Lower Price

Previously $25 ea., now $19

Buy 4, and get free shipping!

Trinity Gem Elixirs Trinity Gem Elixirs is how Quantum Physics does gem elixirs... Extensive laboratory research and testing over 10 years has resulted in a true breakthrough in the area of therapeutic gemstone healing.

Dr. Yury Kronn and his associates from the University of California Laboratories at Irvine, developed a way to fully access the subtle energy signatures of some of the largest and purest gemstone specimens on the planet. These subtle energy signatures have been transferred into ionic mineral solutions using a proprietary plasma gun method, and the result is a brand new, highly potent way for these gemstone intelligences to interact with the human body, delivering high-vibe energies of specific gemstones into the body for healing.

The interaction between the mineral kingdom and the human body has been acknowledged and studies extensively for hundreds of years. These crystallized mineral entities communicate very specific energies to the human subtle energy field (or aura), and have been shown in laboratory experiments to directly influence, change, and communicate with the body. In the Trinity Gem Elixirs, we now have an extremely direct, potent and consistent vehicle for delivering the healing signals of the mineral kingdom into the human body.

There are 25 gemstone elixirs to choose from in the Trinity Elixir line. Pure Energy Rx has provided a handy search tool you can use to find the best elixirs for you. For example, search for "courage", "fears", "success", "love", "insecurity", or health terms, such as, "heart", "immune system", "pain", "vision", etc.

Stop on by and visit the Trinity Gem Elixirs and discover what they have to say to you!

Pure Energy Rx

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