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New Aid from Quantum Physics Research Increases Personal Power

Success & Achievement ElixirAt Pure Energy Rx, we are offering this very special elixir borne from Quantum Physics research by renown Russian radiophysicist, Dr. Yury Kronn. The Success & Achievement Elixir increases personal intent and charisma in remarkable ways.

With the help of master healers and special universal channels, we have developed this powerful tool for enhancing your ability to manifest intent. Success and Achievement supports the development of the inner energetic structures necessary for achieving success and manifesting your most cherished goals.

It is well known that focused intent is a powerful tool in realizing life objectives. The elixir's powerful energy responds to your "intent" and works to restructure your energy system to align with your conscious goals. Achieving goals requires a level of harmony and integrity between your conscious and subconscious mind and your subtle bodies. The Success and Achievement Elixir helps you to achieve the inner alignment essential for clarifying, and focusing your intentions, and bringing your energetic field into harmony with the Universe. The Success and Achievement Elixir works especially well if used along with a meditation practice using the Cosmic Eye or Deep Insight Elixirs.

Kyanite Gem Specimen from Roxy Ann MuseamWe have the complete line of Meditation Elixirs (6), as well as 26 individual gem elixirs.  The energies for these unique elixirs are derived from some of the largest mineral specimens in the world featured at the Roxy Ann Mineral Museam, Ashland, Oregon.  As Dr. Kronn applies his proprietary process, the full potency of these giant crystals is infused into a 1 oz. bottle of ionic minerals. This process has been extensively tested at major laboratories around the world, and has been proven to deliver powerful subtle energies to all who use it.  

These elixirs are 1 oz. blue glass bottles, $25.00 each.

Make the next quantum leap for your business!

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