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NEW Shungite Earth Mats

New Shungite Vibe Mats

(3 For 1 SALE)  Shungite nicked named by scientists as the miracle stone, with good reason! 

Now imagine this profound stone being taken to an even higher level with the piezo energy compression action of the earth mat delivery!

“I stood on it and it felt like an instant glass of red wine, but way more euphoric!” – S. Martin

Shungite mats are a most powerful and beautiful energy. Most people will love and just soak up the great vibes. Some may need to acclimate to it, spending a little time with it at first and building up to the higher vibration. 

Well worth the adjustment of leveling up your vibe! With the vibration of the planet raising and high and low vibrations not being able to coexist, keep raising the vibe, so we are more in alignment with the planet's increasing high vibe.

Quick nutshell on Shungite: 

1) Shungite is the only stone that contains the entire periodic table of elements!  

2) Shungite has an ingredient, Carbon 60 Fullerenes, a healthy antioxidant you can wear!  

3) It has so much scientific research that several books have been written on it!  

4) It is the best stone for helping sensitives with harshness whether it's environmental or grumpy people.



Possibly the MOST RARE and USEFUL STONE of it's time! 

Russian Scientists dubbed it "The Miracle Stone of Life"  Learn more why the scientists are in awe and the Russians are limiting it's release. A Nobel prize was won in relation to the miracle abilities of a secret it holds 'Fullerene'

VibesUP helps the best stone get even better! This POWERFUL GROUNDING AND ANTI OXIDANT MIRACLE STONE  together with the VibesUP formlua make a mighty force! 


Shungite originally drew attention because water in the area of this stone had become notorious for it's miraculous abilities. People who lived near it had exceptional health and longevity. Others would travel great distances to experience relief from a vast variety of ailments by immersing in and drinking the water near the stones source. They even found Animals would literally seek out the miracle stone and lick it. Because of the wonders of Shungite a King built his palace on the location of it's source.  

Peter the great had each of his soldiers carry one of the stones possibly being a contributor to their successful victories. 


Rare and getting more rare. As the Russian scientist discoveries of this stones abilities grow so does their desire to keep it in their own hands. There is a limited supply of Shungite at it's source and it is believed the Russians have recently limited it's release from their country. 

They feel it will someday be worth it's weight in gold. 

Which is possible when you consider the discoveries of it's shocking abilities which you will learn as your read on.


Shungite is an electro-conductive rock. The research by Tula Scientific and Research Institute "New Medical Technologies" has shown that the presence of shungite materials close to the source of cellular frequency radiation significantly weakens their effect on the human body. Additionally Shungite is the only known source of Fullerenes, known for being the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes. 

Wow! Shungite contains the entire periodic table! 

Among the plethora of ailments this stone is known to be helpful with imbalances such as allergies, acne headaches, and much more. One that particularly stands out is it's ability to helps 'sensitives' adjust to the harshness of modern society. 

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