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E-3 Energy Cream for Pain Relief

Get to the root of your pain.
E-3 Energy Cream is not an analgesic. It doesn't numb the pain, it works on the reason there is pain in the first place: disrupted energy flow. This is how acupuncture has worked effectively for thousands of years: restore the energy flow through the area of pain, and the pain goes away. It's not woo-woo magic, or some kind of placebo effect. It's the real deal, working on animals who have no preconceived notions. In fact, hundreds of naturopaths and medical doctors refer to E-3 Energy Cream as acupuncture in a bottle!


  • Speeds healing. 
    Once the energy flow has been re-established in the painful area, the body immediately begins the healing process. We have seen bruises, cuts, scraps and even surgical incisions healed in half the time.


  • Lots of uses. 
    Not only is E-3 Energy Cream immediately effective for bruises and cuts, but is most famous for its ability to bring relief to arthritis painback pain, and headaches. For headaches, simply apply the lotion where it hurts and at the base of the neck, and sit back for relief. Also, E-3 Energy Cream is highly effective for the pain of sprains and muscle strains. Athletes of all levels have told us about their successes using E-3 Energy Cream for sports injuries, pains from yogarunningwalkingclimbingbiking, or working out on exercise machines. Some of our customers use it for indigestion, applying the lotion over their abdomen. When applied to the bottoms of the feet and palms of the hands, the E-3 Energy Lotion acts as a soothing, relaxing balm on all the organs.


  • A natural, soothing lotion. 
    E-3 Energy Cream is a fragrance-free, white, smooth lotion, with nutrients for the skin that have healing powers of their own. Made from the purest ingredients available, the E-3 Energy Lotion itself is great for any skin condition. With the addition of the Subtle Energy treatment, the lotion makes a quantum leap in effectiveness over all other similar skin creams. Use it for psoriasisacneeczema, or rashesinsect bitesdiscolorationsscars--it's even great as a soothing after shave lotionfor men and women.


  • FROM THE FORMULATOR Unlike aspirin and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs that simply mask the pain, E-3 Energy Cream goes to work on the root of the problem and offers long-term benefits. When soft tissue is damaged the energy flow into this area is interrupted. This is one of the causes of pain. E-3 Energy Cream helps re-establish energy flow. As a result the pain signal stops and the healing process speeds up, increasing mobility and assisting in regenerating damaged soft tissue. E-3 Energy Cream contains MSM and Aloe Vera for enhanced penetration and effectiveness. As a rule, it takes pain away--in the case of soft tissue damage, in less than a minute. It prevents bruising, prevents burns from blistering, and it drastically accelerates the healing process. --Dr. Yury Kronn

    E-3 Energy Cream is formulated using the finest all natural ingredients. This exclusive formula is processed with Subtle Energy Patterns using an advanced proprietary technology based on Quantum Physics principles. See how E-3 Energy Cream can help support the natural healing process as used by these doctors:

    Dr. Jeff Marrongelle: With the E-3 Energy Cream, I treat all the soccer kids and the football team from my boy's high school on a pro bono basis, so we have injured athletes coming through our house and our clinic weekly with bruises, even fractures. The application of the E-3 Energy Cream is at least twice a day with something that's a little more chronic; but in an acute situation, I’ll have them use it three, four, five times a day in small applications to the injured area until they note persistent relief, and then we'll go down to maybe twice a day. After the pain is gone or the inflammation is gone, I have them maintain the use for at least another week, twice a day, morning and evening, which promotes the healing of the soft tissues and the connective tissues.

    Dr. Gerald Shigekawa: Just a short note to thank you for your recommendation of the Pure Energy Rx Formulas. In particular, I have found the E-3 Energy Cream to most efficacious as a therapeutic adjunct to healing. I use the E-3 Energy Cream for patients/clients with various acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. I find by applying the E-3 Energy Cream over a site of a recent injury or trauma, and with the use of laser therapy, it has been an effective therapeutic combination. I have also found that I have very good results with E-3 Energy Cream applied to old or recent scars-scars from past injuries or surgeries. It seems that the E-3 Energy Cream helps restore the tissue to its normal physiology, the end result being that I have seen old scars seemingly becoming less prominent. Thanks for a great line of products. [7/29/2005]: I'm still using the E-3 Energy lotion. I find that a little dab goes a long way. Since we're working with subtle energy, I find that the E-3 Energy lotion in very small amounts, when driven-in with a laser at 830 nm goes a long way. --Dr. Gerald K. Shigekawa, D.C., Aspen Chiropractic Center, Orange, California

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