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Boyd Martin

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Mystic Broadcast Productions


Tune in to the mystic broadcast of oneness emanating from every point in the universe. Mystic Broadcast radio is on the air at https://mysticbroadcast.net -- We play "cosmic chill" music tracks and report news on topics such as mind-body and consciousness research, extraterrestrial disclosure, human potential, and much more.


Enhance your brand with music!

Just as a movie soundtrack amplifies the drama of the action, adding a musical track to your promotionals, and intro and outros (bumpers) to your podcasts and webinars, or while you wait for viewers on your Facebook live streams--increases the impact of your message as well as entertainment value for your audiences.

Our music tracks are custom created based on your personal needs and preferences. The basic music tracks are 2:00 minutes in length, giving you plenty of material to work with as a backing track.

We also offer professional announcing if you prefer a voice-over script to your music.

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Pure Energy Rx

Health and wellness products and formulas based on quantum physics research, addressing pain, digestion, immunity, and nervous systems. We also offer the Transformation Enzyme line of digestive enzymes that work synergistically with our subtle energy formulas. Sign up for our Quantum Health Newsletter and get a $10 gift coupon code, good for any of our unique products.

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