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Evoking images of the great unknown, ‘QUXK’ will make you feel like you are floating high above the earth.                                                        

The decision to pursue a career in music is a difficult one, and no one knows that better than WHYTJ. As his passion for music became an obsession, it began to completely consume his life, leaving him with little contact with his old friends. Feeling inspired to reconnect, he composed ‘QUXK’ to show them how far he had come, and how great he can could become. Bursting at the seams with musical ideas, the track shows a young artist at the beginning of what could be a brilliant career.                                                     

While WHYTJ borrows elements of trap, pop, and electronica, the atmosphere he creates on ‘QUXK’ is truly unique. Taking cues from his childhood obsession with outer space, he blends hypnotic synth loops with a propulsive beat, leaving the listener feeling as if they have been lifted right off the ground. By the time he introduces his smooth voice to the track, it is clear that this is an artist with a true passion for music and a lot of things to say.                                                                  

‘QUXK’ is available everywhere Nov. 20, 2019 Contact: harbtj@gmail.com


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Press Title: WHYTJ Announces Outer Space Themed Single 'QUXK'

Press Release comments:

I hope some of our aspiring musicians get a chance to ponder these possibilities. Amazing how far QUXK and other image evoking apparatus have come. Good thoughts thank you very much.Francis Cassady