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Machines and Media For Mass Finishing from Inovatec

Zhejiang, China - Manufacturing industries need machines for the mass finishing process. When the part quantity is large, then manual cleaning and finishing methods are not effective. So, such industries require machines that can do the finishing of multiple parts at a time.

Inovatec machinery provides wide variety of machines for finishing parts. They have machines that are suited for both small scale and big manufacturing businesses.

Vibratory finishing machines are one of the popular machines used by most of the businesses for the mass finishing process. Inovatec manufactures multiple varieties of vibratory finishing machines. It includes the industrial vibratory tumbler, vibratory deburring machine, vibratory finisher, vibratory polishing machine, and spiral tube vibratory finishing machine.

So, they offer many options in the vibratory finishing section itself. They also allow the user to vary the amplitude and frequency of operation of these vibratory finishing machines.

They offer rotary barrel tumbling machine for burnishing of delicate parts. It is a good solution for businesses involving jewelry parts and plastic parts. It is designed for heavy burr removal. This machine can deflash, grind, deburr, and polish parts. They offer two variants of this machine; one of the variant comes with a single barrel and the other one has two separate barrels.

Inovatec offers vibratory tubs for finishing large and complex parts. They come with the option for chamber separation to tumble multiple parts simultaneously without any part to part contact. These tubs can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Centrifugal barrel finishing machine from Inovatec is for businesses that have high surface finishing requirements. These machines are capable of creating an isotropic texture on part surface with a short processing time.

They also recommend the centrifugal disc finishing machines for cleaning and polishing intricate and delicate parts like jewelry and small electrical components. Low investment and ease of use make it a popular choice among many customers. This machine comes in four different variants. It includes CD centrifugal disk finishing machines with manual discharge, CD series automatic centrifugal disc polishing machine, CF series polishing machine for jewelry, and VS series centrifugal disc finisher.

They also offer an automatic mass finishing system. These systems have the advantage of reducing human intervention while the equipment is processing.

Mass finishing is not complete without using a tumbling media. It is the tumbling media that decides the final finish quality. So, a customer has to confirm that the right tumbling media is selected for the right part. Inovatec engineers also provide support to customers for selecting the media.

They manufacture different varieties of tumbling media. It includes ceramic media, plastic media, steel media, and organic media. All these finishing media types from Inovatec come in different rates of cutting. It is the cutting rate that decides the finish of the part. Media that supports fast cutting rates are used for more material removal from the part. Media with lower cutting rate is best suited for polishing.

About Inovatec: A mass finishing machine and media manufacturing company based in China.

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Name: Earnest Zhang | Email: info@inovatecmachinery.com | Organization: Inovatec Machinery | Address: 399# Shushan Road, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 313000, China | Phone: +86-572-2261276 | Website: https://www.inovatecmachinery.com/

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