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7 radical tips to help your entire online business to EXPLOSIVE growth & durability, strategical aut

is known to be the "holy grail" in our internet and information age!

The trend here is Especially ahead with great speed. Where Earlier there
were edged link generator or chunky site submitters, you can already
draw on a variety of smart automation tools today. The technical range
includes semi-automated content structure & linkbuilding, to traffic
building, tracking, email marketing to affiliate marketing.

That this is the famous “end of the story” is far from a technical
point of view that is currently being provided and proved to us
impressively by the well-known marketing professionals Heiko Häusler and
Tobias Knoof. Both have agreed in the fall of last year, behind closed
doors, quietly & secretly on a common line and their two companies
unified together by fusion. Actually, this warning sign was already big
enough for the experts of the scene. But the real reason of the fusion
was probably (would you believe!) of building an online and
offline-based international franchise system for the next few years.

Both bake no small buns. They have already proven in the market
before with their millions in sales and huge launches. But what they are
up to now, can quite amaze even the inclined critics: in the summer of
2013 Heiko Häusler had already fished the franchise expert Thomas
M.Duda, who already had his fingers in the game and in the construction
of the multi-billion dollar franchise giants “conrad electronics”, from
Nuremberg. Shortly thereafter, they both started a franchise system that
nearly boasts of a 100 stores in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and
Switzerland) after only 6 months. And also Mr. Knoof, who was in the
start wings a few months later .

Then the fusion of the three marketing giants would, in the Spring,
be presented and the Onebiz project announced at the Internet Marketing
Conference in Berlin, where it immediately achieved record sales since
the inception of IMK. Well, I managed to get one of the first accounts
of the new Cloud-Services OneBiz.

OneBiz – a term that haunts the industry for months and made some
excitement. The new service according to a statement of the operators
offers some radically simple options for the future, with largely
automated content, traffic & link building to operate and accelerate
the growth of your own business. I would like to briefly share the 7
most radical tips here with you:

7 radical Tips to run your business on a fast track

  1. Think in closed systems
    It is not new that clever Web services
    are built in closed systems. That is to put it bluntly: New users come
    in, no one comes out. The idea is HOWEVER simple: build websites,
    services, cloud architectures, Marketing Funnels or funnels in closed
    system and let the user circulate on the system (keyword Facebook,
    YouTube, LinkedIn or Google).

  2. Build a viral loop in the system
    One of the smartest ideas for vigorous growth, which I have found on
    the Internet and Tobias Knoof has spoken about at the IMK in Berlin and
    the OneBizCON in Stuttgart. It is in its essence to incorporate a closed
    system called “inherent virality”, so that the virality is caused by
    the use of the Service, or the Site itself. If you have 100 users today
    the next day will be atleast 101 users. One then speaks of a viral loop
    and the site begins to grow exponentially (keyword: “Butterfly

  3. Clones the system, including viral loop.
    If you have set up the system of viral loops once, the next step is for
    extreme growth. This self-contained, provided with a viral loop system,
    according to the principle of self-similarity is to cloned as often as
    possible. Just as nature does, it is the goal to duplicate what grows
    out of itself. Like the seed of a flower, which already contains full
    potential and spreads with each new flower.

  4. Empower the system to Fractally Grow.
    Large networks like Skype, Xing, Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook have
    demonstrated this time and again. These networks do not think in “link
    building”, they think in “viral loops” and the dissemination and
    duplication of the same. Properly constructed, it will lead to the
    duplication of closed systems (viral loops, cells, seeds) and thus to a
    fractal growth. Websites, accounts or profiles get “cloned” to
    self-similar manner. In each of these “seed” there is virality, equality
    & viability inherently integrated.

  5. Duplicate the “genetics” of the company.
    We will understand most of the processes, systems, procedures and
    documentations as genetics of the company. For extreme growth, it is
    therefore not sufficient to create closed systems to then integrate into
    a viral loop and help the closed system to clone and fractally grow.
    Extraordinarily rapid growth occurs when, in each clone (cell, seed,
    closed system), the entire genetics of the “mother company” is cloned.
    Just as it is of great franchise systems. Each represents a copy of THE

  6. Work with the EKS method.
    As one of the strongest growth driver for branch and franchise systems
    (which already can grow radically fast by itself), the so-called
    doctrine of “bottleneck-focused strategy” (from German short for EKS:
    Engpass-konzentrierten Strategie) by Wolfgang Mewes is mentioned again
    and again. It is noteworthy that a majority of franchise systems are,
    after the EKS principle, actively working for years on closer inspection
    on the market and numerous major corporations. The strategy works on
    the weak points, the so-called “bottlenecks” of a company and fixes them
    successively. Just as nature does. The nature (of a company) helps not
    by constant excessive watering, but fixing vulnerabilities through
    “Evolution”, for development & growth.

  7. Automate key processes.
    The key to radical growth is, however the main process, as well as to
    analyze, standardize and thereby automate increasingly the main
    processes, and in particular the resource-sapping processes in the
    company. You think of those time wasters such as content, traffic or
    link building. Smart software tools or cloud services can completely
    take over this and outsource the processes mentioned “easily” and

This is what the new cloud service Onebiz draws on. The service sees
itself as a giant “Social Auto-responder” from which one can publish his
content on the Web in a time-controlled manner (scheduling of content).
This should lead to, in fact, enormous content, link and traffic
building for each individual user without Google having a problem with
that. All contents can thereby be spinned and thus “unique” content will
be published in their own profiles on article pages, video pages, press
pages, news pages, blogs, forums, communities or social accounts. And
even if Google kicks your own website, the traffic will come
nevertheless from other websites and the business will continue to run.

I don’t easily get excited, but whoever knows Knoof & Häusler,
knows that it could once again and in plain German “crash” positively.
And a very cool tool will come out of this for sure, when a seasoned
franchise professional like Thomas M. Duda has his fingers in the game.
The statement alone that the two former competitors had to merge their
companies is a clear enough indication. As far as I know, the system
will also start in many languages ?? and in different currencies. I
myself have already reserved my account here as, according to the
official website, there will be only a limited number at the start to
ensure the stability of the system. The registration is yet basically
free of charge, but you never know what comes, and you get at least,
“the finger on it” before it does.

If one looks at the current pre-launch and the resulting excitement,
only then can one take the hat off like the big players in the industry
that always manage to arouse such attention. Over 16,000 people
worldwide have already signed up. A number which no one, by my
knowledge, boasts of in the German industry. Onebiz seems to have hit
the “problem-nerve” of the industry. I’m curious about what comes next
and if the development will be pursued and furthermore be reported on!

PS: For more information please click on  VISIT WEBSITE above.

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