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Why Consider SWA - Conversation w/SWA's First Member Kiko Javier

When did you join swa?

I was so blessed to join SWA in the first hour it was opened to public. It was pre launch, January 29 to be exact.

How much did you earn? (This is last 1/29/2012)

Not yet a millionaire, but surely this would count on my first million
in SWA. Obviously, SWA is not a “get rich quick scheme”…which is mostly
the fly by nights. To date Im running at $3,000. That is about
$750/month average or Php30,000…not bad for a part time job.

 as of late 2013:

What made you decide to join SWA?

I was looking for something unique. In my 16 yrs of running after this
very PROFITABLE industry, I would admit. I am tired. I was looking for
something that would make me maximize our “current” available resources
and MONETIZE it. These are the reasons I personally saw that made me
BELIEVE this is good :

1. ITS 100% ONLINE – No stress in travelling and inviting friends to look at the business.

2. YOU CAN MAXIMIZE “SOCIAL SITES” LIKE FACEBOOK – Believe me Facebook is LIFE to so many people. If your pinoy, you’d understand what I mean.
Because of the Facebook phenomenon…even most technologies were designed
to ride with Facebook.


4. NO FORCE RECRUITMENT! – Since the WORLD WIDE WEB is so vast, with 2.2 billion users, I am so convinced that the market supply is forever. So gone are the days when you need to use FORCE and HYPNOTIZE PEOPLE to join you We just need to look for the few people LIKE US…with the same WAVELENGTH aND TELL THEM TO DO THE SAME. Everything else is going to be history.




8. NO LATE NIGHTS waiting for a PROSPECT then after everything you’ve done to convince them…they wont buy or join you!

9. THE PRODUCTS ARE TRULY LIFE CHANGING! The products alone would
already guarantee us 100% success in whatever endeavor…how much more
making it work with a very good MEMBER GETS MEMBER PROGRAM?

10. and most important for me…I AM JUST AT HOME ENJOYING MY GROWING KIDS!!!

How do u get people sign up?

1. Show them this PR & have them watch this video.
2. If interested, let them check the biz & assist them in the payment process.
3. Plug them in to the TEAM…wherein they will EXPERIENCE TOTAL TEAM WORK!


what can u say about SWA?

SWA? its a blessing given to us…SO WE CAN BLESS OTHERS as well! I am
still in awe, how God has answered my prayers after 16 long years of
toiling and hard work.

HOPE THIS HELPS..God bless everyone!
Enjoy your GIFTS!

Know more about SWA and how to
join just visit my link above. Or click
image below and watch our video
presentation. Paypal is now accepted.

Press Release comments:

great informative press release..here's a well deserved LIKE and a BUMP for you to put this PR to the top of the WALL where it belongs..keep them coming. I WILL GO THRU YOUR LIST OF PRESS RELEASES AND BUMP THEM FOR YOU.. KEEP THEM COMING AND I WILL DO THE BUMPIN..I BUMP YOU, YOU BUMP ME..AND TO THE TOP WE BOTH SHALL GORafael Cruz

Aloha TJ; Mahalo for the SWA promo share; back to the top.Douglas Kaapana