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TJ Catalan

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Philippine's Easiest Online Money Maker

The future is bright for the entire SWAmily! SWA Ultimate is one of the very few online opportunities that is 100% DEFINITELY SUSTAINABLE.

Since day 1 of operations with only a few members, and up to now with
thousands upon thousands of members, our payout rate has remained
stable and basically the same... while operating costs have been kept
at a minimum. So if you're concerned about long term stability and keeping
your credibility as an online entrepreneur, SWA Ultimate is the way to

In the network marketing world, it is a fact that there is not one
single pay plan that is perfect. However, you can combine two (2) of the
best pay plans with the best features to come up with the...

Perfect Pay Plan

Why is it the perfect pay plan system? It's because the pay
plans in the P3S are the 2 best and most popular pay plans on the
internet today. Individually, they are super fantastic. But combined,
they are perfect! Together, they give you everything you desire in a
network marketing compensation plan.

You see, individually, each of the pay plans in the P3S has a
superior feature, but it also has a huge weakness. However, this huge
weakness of one pay plan is the biggest strength of its partner pay
plan, and vice versa... that's why it becomes a perfect system when they
are in tandem with each other.Perfect Pay PlanFor example, the 2 x 2 Matrix pay plan provides very quick
return on investment' or ROI potential. With just a few people in your
network, you can earn double or triple your initial entry fee. However,
the weakness of the 2 x 2 is that it has very small residual or infinity
potential. As your network grows bigger in a 2 x 2, your chances of
completing a new matrix, thus your chances of earning further, gets
smaller and smaller. That's why we combined the 2 x 2 with a
3-Up Pass Up
pay plan, because the pass up is the pay plan that
has the largest infinity potential. The weakness of the pass up pay
plan, on the other hand, is that you need to 'pass' some of your
initial referrals 'up' to your referrer, but this weakness is compensated
by the 2 x 2's spillover and referral retention features.

Examine the major strengths and weaknesses of each of the pay plans in P3S, and the tremendous benefits that result when they are partnered with each other...

Pros and Cons
The major weaknesses of one pay plan are the major strengths of the
other. When joined together, the weaknesses of each are eliminated and
you get the very best of both worlds!

Joined together in the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System, you now have everything you've dreamed of in a network marketing business...

P3S Features

The Supreme Wealth Library is a downloadable library with over a
thousand resources and continuously growing. These resources include
ebooks, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates, icons, fonts, and
many more...

 Why I said this is the easiest? All you have to do are:

  1. Register (Hardest Part for now).
  2. Refer 2 Friends (Not so hard).
  3. Advertise your SWAu link.

  SWA Ultimate has no monthly quotas, no monthly requirements, earn
  everytime you reach your minimum payout. And the nice part is you
  can also register your own friends as long as you have your own
  activation codes. Or your friends can pay you direct and when they
  receive their activation codes they can register themselves to SWAu.

  See SWA news, testimonyproofs.

    - You can now pay thru Paypal.
       Just follow the steps below (Manual):
       Send The $55 DOLLARS in the email

       " paypal@swaultimate.com "

      "Don't PUT any NOTES in the PAYMENT Just LEAVE it BLANK"

      After you send the $55 dollars, fill up the your referrer's
      SWA link, choose BDO then fill up the follow details there,
      in BRANCH just PUT "PAYPAL"

       Please write TJ/me the following details: 

        TRANSACTION/REFERENCE on Paypal Payment:
        REFERRER: SPONSOR.swaultimate.com
Hover mouse above swa image and you will
                   see this on the lower left side of your browser.


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