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ML4Free Referral Contest

Referral Contest: Nov.1 - Nov.30

How it works:

Instead of awarding only the top referrers, we've decided to make

 it more fair for everyone to participate in the referral contest by

 adopting a lottery system:

You will receive 1 Draw Points for every personal referral, and you

 can receive extra 1 Draw Points for every post made by this

 personal referral, up to 3 Draw Points. That means for every

 personal referrals, you can earn up to 4 Draw Points.


- 1 x $100 Cash Prize

- 2 x $50 Cash Prize

- 4 x $25 Cash Prize

- 10 x $10 Cash Prize

- 20 x $5 Cash Prize

- 1 x 1 Email Solo Ad Package

- 1 x 1 month Login Banner Ad Package

- 2 x 1 month Bonus Contact Package

- 2 x 1 month Direct Link Package

- 5 x 1 month extra 5000 Daily Open Contacts

- 10 x 1 month extra 2500 Daily Open Contacts

- 20 x 1 month extra 1000 Daily Open Contacts


1) Contest Period is between Nov.1 - Nov.30

2) Any sponsor found to be cheating will be disqulified. ie) 

making multiple fake accounts, or posting on behalf of their referrals..etc

3) You can only win 1 prize. If you have been drawn for multiple prizes,

 you get to choose the one you want and the rest will be up for anothe

r draw to give everyone a chance to win a prize.

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