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Jim Rohn on Strong Reasons & Goal Setting

   This is my another excerpt on interview made w/Jim Rohn
   now the topic is on "Have you got strong reason?" and
   some tips on "Goal Setting".

   Enjoy and learn and take notes :-)


   Have you got those strong reasons to the things
   you're doing now?
   Did you have reason strong as Jim Rohn's before
   he became a millionaire?

Talk about the power, simplicity, and importance of
having strong reasons.

That’s major. If you have enough reasons, you
can do anything.

If you have enough reasons, you’ll read all the
books you need to read.

If you have enough reasons, enough goals,
enough objectives, enough things that you want to
accomplish in your life, you’ll attend whatever
classes you need to attend. You’ll get up however
early you need to get up.

Sometimes we find it a little hard to get out of
bed. We want to linger. Part of that is not just being
tired, or weary, or a little bit of poor nutrition, some of
it is just lack of the drive in terms of having a long
enough list of reasons to do it.

Then you’ve just got to let the reasons grow.
Things you thought were important this year, you go
for them, then next year you look back and you say,

“I was a little foolish about that. Here’s what I really
want. That isn’t really important to me anymore.”
Then you just keep up this process of what’s
important to you.

For your family, build a financial wall around your
family nothing can get through.

I made that statement, about six years ago, to a
young couple that have twins.
Fabulous. They now earn about five to six million
dollars a year.

I remember the day they came to me and said,
“you know that statement you made about building a
financial wall around your family that nothing can get
through? Well, we resolved to do that. Now we’re
happy to report to you that we have just crossed the
line. We have now finished building the financial wall
around our family nothing can get through.”

I’m telling you, the power of something like that is
amazing. That’s just a small example of all the things
that can inspire your life.

Where do you want to go?
Who do you want to meet?
How many skills do you want to learn this year?
How many languages do you want to learn?

I go and lecture in the Scandinavian countries.
They all speak four or five, six languages. In the
school system you are required to learn four
languages. Three they assign, and one you can pick.

I mean, there isn’t anything you can’t do in terms
of language, skills, business, financial independence,
or being a person of benevolence.

The famous story of Latorno, back when I was a
kid, was an inspiring story. He finally got to the place
where he could give away 90% of his income.

My mentor, Mr. Schoff, knew the story and said
to me,

”wouldn’t that be great for you, Mr. Rohn? To
finally get to the place where you could give away


I thought, ‘wow that would be incredible.’
Somebody says, “90%. Wow that’s a lot to give
away.” Well, you should have seen the 10% that was
left. It was not peanuts.

But anyway, those kinds of dreams, those kinds
of goals are what really start the fire.

At first you just need the goals that start
triggering activity immediately.

“I want to be able to pay my rent on time
within 90 days.
I’m putting in a little extra time. I’m
doing this, I’m doing that. I’m taking the class.
Whatever. After 90 days, I’m never going to be late
on my rent again. I’m tired of the creditors calling.

What are my goals?”

I heard a knock on my door back when I was
about 24. I went to the door and there was a Girl
Scout selling cookies. She gives me the big pitch.
Girl Scouts, best organization in the world, we’ve got
this variety of cookies, just $2.00. Then, with a big
smile, she asked me to buy.

I wanted to buy. That wasn’t a problem. Big
problem, though, was I didn’t have $2.00 in my

I was a grown man. I had a family. A couple of
kids. I had been to college one year. I didn’t have
$2.00 in my pocket.

I didn’t want to tell her I was that broke. So, I lied
to her and said, “Hey, I’ve already bought lots of Girl
Scout cookies.  Still got plenty in the house.”

So, she said, “Well, that’s wonderful. Thank you
very much,” and she left.

When she left, I said to myself “I don’t want to
live like this anymore. How low can you get? Lying to
a Girl Scout. I mean, that’s about as low as you can

So, that became an obsession for me.
From that day on I said, “I’m immediately going to
acquire whatever it takes to have a pocket full of
money so that no matter where I am for the rest of
my life, no matter how many Girl Scouts are there,
no matter how many cookies they’ve got to sell, I’ll
be able to buy them all.”

It just triggered something.

Now, that’s not a ranch in Montana. That’s not
becoming a billionaire. But, it was enough of an
incentive to get me started.

Schoff taught me that you have to carry money in
your pocket. He said, “$500 in your pocket feels
better than $500 in the bank.”

I couldn’t wait ‘til the moment when I had $500 in
my pocket.

It doesn’t take much to get started. Then the list
goes on from there.

Then if you have enough of those reasons, don’t
tell me you won’t get up early, stay up late, read the
book, listen to the cassette, do the deal, take notes,
keep a journal, work on your language, or work on
your skills.

I’m telling you, it’s all wrapped up there: dreams,
visions, setting goals, starting with something simple.

When you talk about reasons, Jim, don’t many of those
strong reasons come out of a pain in one’s life?

Okay. Because I know from my own life that it can come
from necessity and it can come out of pain and trying to get
away from that.

The pain of not having $2.00 was pain enough.
Nobody else witnessed it, but me and the Girl
Scout. Of course, I’m sure she didn’t notice it
because she accepted my lie and moved on.

But, I said, “I don’t want this to happen anymore.”
It was such an incredible resolve and it was only
over $2.00. But it doesn’t matter what it is.

If it’s something you want to correct, something you
never want to happen again, that’s the beginning.

You’re well known internationally about the power of
goals, the key formula for success.

Can you tell us about goals? The importance of goals, but
more specifically,

how do you set them?
Do you think them?
Do you write them down?

Can you walk us through the power and the
process of goal setting?

In my two-day leadership seminar, I go through a
little workshop.

It’s called Designing The Next Ten Years.

It’s really a simple process.

Start making lists of what you want.
I teach the simple, simple ways. Others have got
some complicated ways of setting goals and
deadlines and all that stuff. I don’t do that.

I just say to make a list of the books you want to
read. Make a list of the places you want to go. Start
making a list of the things you wish to acquire.
What kind of education do you want for your

Make a list.

Where are the place you want to visit?

Make a list.

What kind of experiences do you want to have?

Make a list.

Decide what you want. Then write it all down.

Put a lot of little things on there so you can start
checking some things off. Because part  of the fun of
having the list is checking it off. No matter how small
it is.

My first list had a little revenge. Some of the
people who said I couldn’t do well. They went on my
list. I couldn’t wait to get my new car and drive it up
on their lawn. A few little things on revenge.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s your personal list.
You can tear it up and throw it away if you want and
then get started on it.

Later you can say as you look back, “I was all hot
on this idea. Now, here’s something I know that is
much better. I’m going to forget about that other

So, it’s an ongoing, continual process.

But, I have discovered that if you think about the
things you want” for you, your family, some goals are
individual, some are collective, some are family,
some are business, just start with that.

Rearrange it any way you want to. You don’t have to
have any deadlines. You can look at the list after you’ve
made it and start putting a 1, 3, 5 or 10 number beside
each item.

You know, “I think I can accomplish that
in about a year. I think I can accomplish that in about
three years. I think I can accomplish that in about
five years.” Something like that.

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