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I Like this email from Ann Sieg on Facebook marketing must not do...

Read this message I received from Ms. Sieg: Are you guilty of these 17 Facebook faux pas? Oh it's bad. It's ugly. Facebook might be the hottest thing since Harry Potter right now, but it's also very revealing of one's character, and it's not always pretty. Lately, I've noticed some pretty brutal behavior. Ask yourself if you're guilty of any of these rude acts: You make a friend request. The person accepts your friend request. Then you proceed to SPAM your business opportunity link on their wall. Ouch! That's a faux pas. Or, Ann accepts your friend request and you proceed to send friend requests to all 4,447 of her friends. This is called a "friend pilfer." Bad form. Faux pas! Even worse. You bash a certain network marketing company then praise your own, and attempt to convert everyone over to your team. Ugly! Faux pas! I've made a list of 17 of these Facebook faux pas. Here's what I'd like for you to do... 1. Read the short post of 17 Facebook faux pas. Ask yourself if you're guilty. If you are promise to NEVER do it again. (I hear next up is Facebook prison, so watch it). 2. Comment with anything I've missed. So far we have several people who've added their own addition. 3. Share it on Facebook. Spread the word. Consider it your small part toward fighting Facebook faux pas-ism. Here's the link. Go now: http://www.ibourl.com/e3u With a little bit of me and a lot of you, we're getting WAY more value out of our social media marketing. Eric Ann's social media right hand. P.S. - *A faux pas ( /?fo?'p??/ plural: faux pas / ?fo?'p??z/) is a violation of accepted social norms (for example, standard customs or etiquette rules). [1] Faux pas vary widely from culture to culture, and what is considered good manners in one culture can be considered a faux pas in another. The term comes originally from French, and literally means "misstep" or "false step". Definitely not something you want to be guilty of on Facebook wouldn't you agree? ;-)

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