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Does SUCCESS mean Changing your Language?

This is an excerpt from one of the interviews made w/ Jim Rohn.
 I hope you will like and learn some nuggets of wisdom from him.
 And let's make a contest :-) those who get what "Success" means
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 Here's the excerpt:

 I’d like to start out by defining the word.
What is being a success?
What does success mean to Jim Rohn?

W ell, I think the ultimate success, which I teach
in my seminar, is living a good life.
Part of it is income. Part of it’s financial
independence Part of it is objectives that you
achieve, dreams coming true, family, children,
grandchildren, good friends, productivity. It’s a wide

It’s all encompassing, the word “success”.
It’s not just your job, your income, your fortune.
Not just your paycheck or your bank account. But
everything. From all of your achievements during
your life to trying your best to design a way to make
it all give you a good life.

So, we’re talk about design.
We’ll get to ambition.

We’re talking about goals. We’re talking about planning.
You talk about something in your literature.
You mention that success doesn’t need to be pursued. It
needs to be attracted.
What do you mean by that?

So, we’re talk about design.
We’ll get to ambition.

We’re talking about goals. We’re talking about planning.

You talk about something in your literature.

You mention that success doesn’t need to be pursued.

needs to be attracted.

What do you mean by that?

That’s true.

I was taught, starting at age 25. when I met a
mentor of mine by the name of Mr. Schoff.
He taught me that success is something you
attract by the person you become.
You’ve got to develop the skills.

He talked about personal development: become
a good communicator, learn to use your own

He talked about the management of time.

But primarily developing yourself, your attitude,
your personality, developing your own character,
your reputation. Then developing the skills. From
sales skills to recruiting skills, to management skills,
leadership skills, how to work with a variety of
people. You know, the full list.

He taught me to work on myself, because I used
to work on my job.
He said, “if you work on yourself, you can make a
That turned out to be true for me.
He turned it all around and said, “success is not
something you run after, like a better job.” Although
that is to be desired.
You’ve just got to ask yourself, “am I qualified for
doubling, tripling, multiplying my income by three,
four, five?’
If I look at myself and say, “No, not really.”  Then
I need to ask myself, “Who could I find? Where can I
go that could pay me three, four, five times as much
Then, you have to say, “at the present there
probably isn’t anyone. I can’t just fall into a lucky
But, if I went to work on myself immediately.
Work on my attitude, personality, language, and
skills. Then that begins the process of attracting the
good job, the good people, and building a business
or creating a career that could turn out to make you
financially independent, perhaps wealthy.

Jim, so really what we are talking about is a change of
mindset. Of changing our thinking and getting in tune with
the universe.

Talk about something that you mentioned. Changing
your language.

Describe what that means.
There is the language that can fit.

You can use careless language around home
and around the community.
But, if you want to start stepping up, then you’ve
got to learn the language. The corporate language.
You’ve got to learn the sales language.

Then you’ve got to be careful not to be careless
with your language in the marketplace. It can cost
you too much.

You know, a guy that is inclined to tell dirty
stories, inclined to use a bit too much profanity.
It might be okay in the inner circle and at the bar
or whatever. But when you start to move into the
world of business and finance where you want to be
successful, earn a better paycheck, move up the
scale, you just have to be careful. So, one of the
major things is your language.

Not just that, but learning the language of
success. Learning how to treat people with respect.
Giving people inspiration when they need it,
correction when they need it.

The same thing as learning to work with your

Language opens the door for fortune. It opens
the door for help. It opens the door for better living. It
opens the door for a good marriage. It opens the
door for a stable friendship.
A big part of it starts with our thinking, our
attitude, and then a major part of it is the language
we use.

Okay, something that we are sharing tonight with people
worldwide now, is we are talking about an inner change,
then the outer result.
So many times people are trying to change the outer,
without changing the inner. Is that what we are talking

Yeah, that’s true.

The big part of it, of course, is to start with

Making mistakes and judgements can just cost
you so much in the marketplace, at home, with your
family, whatever it is. Errors in judgement can really
do us in. It can leave us with less of a life than we
could’ve had.

We’ve got to learn to correct those errors
whether they are errors in philosophy or something

My mentor asked once why I wasn’t doing well.
I showed him my paycheck and I said, “This is all
the company pays.”  He said, “well, that’s really not
true.  With that philosophy, you’ll never grow.”
I said, “No, no, this is my paycheck. This is all the
company pays.”  So, he said, “No, no, Mr. Rohn.
This is all that the company pays you.”
I thought, ‘wow, I’d never thought about that.’
He said, “doesn’t the company pay some people
two, three, four five times this amount?” I said, “well
yes.”  He said, “then this is not all that the company
pays. This is all that the company pays you.”
For your income to multiple by three, four, five,
you can’t say to the company, “I need more money.”
You’ve just got to say to yourself, ‘I need a correction
in my philosophy. I can’t blame circumstance. I can’t
blame taxes. I can’t say it’s too far, too hot, too cold.
I’ve got to come to grips with myself.’
That is really where it all begins. It’s corrections
of errors in judgement and in your own philosophy.
We’re talking about philosophy. Is it really like ironing
down a purpose?

You’re talking about the word “philosophy” to someone
listening right now and they’re trying to put it into actual

Someone right now that’s in a rut, lost, how do you go
about the process of putting together a philosophy that
excites you and that benefits others?

You start with the easy stuff.
Ask most people, “what is your current
philosophy for financial independence that you’re
now working on?, and usually the person says,
“Gosh, I never thought about that.”
Unless you have an excellent financial
philosophy that gives you guidance to correct errors,

accept some new disciplines, and make some
changes, you can forget being financially

Ask yourself, “What is your philosophy on good
health?” Is it to cross your fingers and sort of let it go
and if something goes wrong then you fix it?
The answer is, no. You should try to learn up

Ask yourself, “what is your cholesterol count?”
The average guy’s philosophy is, ‘I don’t know and I
don’t care. If something goes wrong, I will try to fix it.’
But, by then usually it’s too late. Now it’ll cost you
a fortune. It costs you time. Maybe even it costs you
your life.

If someone can help you with errors in
judgement, or help you correct your financial
philosophy, your spiritual philosophy, your
philosophy on a good relationship, that’s where it all

We go the direction we face, and we face the
direction we think.

It’s the things we think about and ponder. What
are your values? What’s good? What’s not so good?
What’s the better way? What’s the best way?
Unless we do some constructive thinking on that,
we usually take the easier way.

Easy causes drift, and drift causes us to arrive at
a poor destination a year or five years from now.
So, we’re talking about increasing our self-awareness.
We’re talking about philosophy.

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