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TJ Catalan

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ACX Experiencing Record Growth

We are always so happy to welcome the New Members
who have recently joined ACX.  Everyone seems to be
doing the activities that make them the most money, and
that includes "sharing" this amazing opportunity.
Succeeding at ACX is not dependent on having great
marketing skills or lots of experience.  Just purchase Ad
and Media Packs and YOU will earn up to 2% per day.

Why ACX Is The Best:

This month we are seeing the best growth numbers of
2014.  We are thrilled, but not surprised by this trend.
It's to be expected when you have the Best of the Best
in Online Money-making programs.

So, why is ACX the Best of the Best?

First, the ACX System is designed so that 100% of the
people who try it can succeed and make money.  In most
online companies and MLM companies, only 2% of the
participants actually earn any money at all.  Most members
(98%) just spend money buying product and never earn
commissions.  The reason is because these companies
require members to recruit New Referrals before they can
earn commissions.

Second, as was mentioned above, ACX has NO requirement
for Sponsoring New Members.  All ACX Members can earn
150% on each Ad or Media Pack they buy, without ever
having to recruit a single person.  But, because it is natural
for people to want to share good things they find, many ACX
Members actually do Sponsor others, and for this they receive
generous Referral Commissions.

Third, the ACX System is simple to do, and no one ever loses
money - unless they simply quit.  All it takes is two things:
1) Buy as many Ad or Media Packs as you can afford,

2) Watch the required number of Ad Views or Media
Uploads to qualify each day for up to 2% Daily Sales

That's It! Two Activities!  It's Simple!

Fourth, the XpressShift feature, which moves unexpired Ad
and Media Packs into the Panel System to reduce Daily
Earnings temporarily, gives program managers the ability to
keep this systems running and paying out indefinitely.  The
ACX System isn't going to crash like nearly all other big
money-making programs eventually do.

Fifth, ACX provides inexpensive advertising for Affiliate
Members and Advertising Only Members to market other
ideas, products or companies as a way to earn even more
money.  Being in the Top 1% Most Visited Website of all
online companies worldwide according to ALEXA makes
ACX a very attractive place to advertise.

Read a recent testimonial we received from an ACX Member:

"I got 14 signups today from ACX Prime Advertising - amazing,
and I even make 150% on every advertising dollar I spend!" - Carl

You can also rest assured that the ACX Executive Team and
Marketing Department are always on the lookout for new and
innovating ways to create additional earning opportunities for
our members.  We never stop expanding and growing.

New Membership Commissions:

Speaking of new and innovative ways to earn extra income at
ACX, now all members who have Referrals can earn big
commissions when they Upgrade to Silver Membership.

And, soon the Gold Membership Commissions will be available
too.  Watch for more info coming soon.

Thanks again for being part of the solution and taking control of
your personal finances.  And thanks for sharing this opportunity
with others.

Let's end May on a BIG NOTE!

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