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5 Ways To Reverse Engineer Your Way To Affiliate Marketing Success

A lot of people fail at affiliate marketing. I know that is a very depressing statement but it is also very realistic. The reason why people fail in the affiliate marketing game has little to do with the intelligence or willingness. Many of these individuals were actually very pumped up. They definitely put in the work, but the problem is you can only bark up the wrong tree for so long. Eventually, it will come back to haunt you. You will eventually realize that you’re just wasting your time.

There are just so many ways to screw up in the affiliate marketing game. If you want to give yourself a head start, focus on reverse engineering your competitors. This is a shortcut to affiliate marketing success. Best of all, you let your competitors do your homework for you. The bottom line is you build on their successes while avoiding their failed experiments. Here’s how you do it.


1- Reverse engineer your competitors’ conversion platform

If it turns out that in your affiliate niche, most of your competitors have put up blogs or search engines, then there’s a high chance that you should do the same. There’s a reason why their websites use the same conversion platform. The reason should be obvious: it works. Focus on what works. Come up with your own unique version, but focus on what works. If you ignore this lesson, then don’t be surprised if your “hot idea” doesn’t ignite the imagination of your target audience members. It may be too experimental. It may be too weird for them to take chances with.


2- Reverse engineer their backlink profile

Your competitors are actually an open book. If they put up any kind of website or they publish an article on their site, you can easily see their work. You can easily look at how successful their work is as far as the rest of the internet is concerned. How do you do this? Using tools like Majestic.com, you can see how many websites link to your competitors’ content. More importantly, you would be able to see the identities of these websites and size them up in terms of quality.

Have you noticed that a lot of the big movers and shakers in your niche link to some of your competitors’ content? You have all information you need to replicate that success. It all boils down to the willingness to reverse engineer what they’re doing right as far as internet popularity is concerned.


3- Identify and improve on their very best content

A lot of marketers think that their target audience members are looking for new stuff. This is a serious mistake. If you pay attention to what your competitors are doing, you will realize that they only talk about a fairly narrow range of topics and themes. If you stick to these themes and you identify the very best content your competitors have regarding these topics and themes, you can come up with better content. This can give you a massive competitive advantage.

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Press Release comments:

Excellent Press Release Pasha, you hit the nail on focusing on what works. Thanks for sharing!anthuwin cupido

You bring up some seriously relevant and great points. Focus on what works is obviously a prime focus, but many forget about that. Also, a good point about the conservative mentality that prevails, as well as, the "narrow range" in which customers an peers operate. Thanks for the heads-up Majestic.com, appreciate it, good thoughts.Francis Cassady