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5 Steps To Becoming A Highly Paid Expert

Becoming an expert means doing one thing and doing it very well (at least as a starting point). You'll need to stay very close to what's trending in your industry, push yourself to learn new skills, techniques, strategies, and forego opportunities that won't help you continue building your core skills.

1) An Effective Lead Capture System 

You need to have a simple way to get people to give their details that can optin and you can get offering something of value for FREE, to get visitors to join your email list. You need a high quality, value-packed free report or video and a high converting Squeeze page designed, and setup.

2) Highly Valuable Offer - YOUR OWN FRONT END OFFER.
Listen - if you want to get to 6,7 or 8 figures your LEADS must come to YOU, not to an affiliate offer, not to a site that doesn't convert them.

Step two is where most people would send their traffic to a long drawn out sales video for an affiliate program, home business or expensive offer. Instead, the trick is to send your new leads to a low cost, high converting product offer that YOU OWN. The goal of this offer is to 'self liquidate' your funnel, aka recoup the money you spend on traffic.

This does a few things. It positions you as an authority, gets more front end sales and allows you to re-invest profits back into more traffic. Most marketers attempt to make their profits on the front-end, but the secret is up selling these front-end buyers to higher priced products & programs.

3) Have A Backend Offer - THE BACK-END OFFER

Once you've made the initial product offer, you ascend your leads to the next offer in your funnel. This is where you make most of the profits. Keep this in mind.

This could be YOUR OWN PRODUCT (we build for you) a coaching program, a service, a home business or or anything else. It's a special page that sells YOU, and reverses the selling process by making your leads APPLY to work with you. You can get people on the phone  and sell them expensive products, or send them directly to a sales page.

BECOME THE HUNTED - not the hunter.


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