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5 Steps To A Highly Profitable Online Business, Don't Miss Step 4

Over and over again, people would ask AirBnb founder Brian Chesky, “Tell us how you’re doing this. Tell us how you’re making money using other people’s properties to make money on AirBnb.”

In the beginning, Brian would simply tell them his plan and answer questions along the way. His friends and family on Facebook saw what he was doing and would pester him with constant questions. But that led to Brian creating a system around what he did, and created a guide to help others find their own fortunes in the AirBnb business.


Brian quickly shifted in his business model. He realized that the market would be greater if he could teach his methods rather than simply applying them.


He had several properties now that he was actively making a 6-figure income without doing a ton of work. His method was proven and no one else was doing what he was doing. But the business model of teaching what he had done was far richer and deeper.


Rather than having half a dozen properties, Brian could now teach thousands of people his methods to acquire, maintain, and earn a living with AirBnb properties. Besides, Brian is a natural teacher and found much more satisfaction in the model of teaching others the lessons he had learned over time.


In a way, that’s what these 5 steps are.


Step 1: Building A Ladder Over The Obstacles

Step 2: Build a Quick-Cash Quick-Start Business

Step 3: Build Your Own Growth

Step 4: Build A Success Circle

Step 5: Build Systems Into Your Business



Step 1: Building A Ladder Over The Obstacles


I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat — Sylvester Stallone —


Time and time again, we see the same reasons pop up for people struggling to start and run their own online business. The people vary, the businesses are different, but the same underlying reasons hold people back from achieving what they can with their business.


It’s so easy to focus on the things that hold you back. It’s in your face all the time, but let me share a fable that helped me understand the way to see the obstacles that hold us all back.


We see one of the most common issues with people being the lack of confidence. It could a lack of confidence in the business. A lack of confidence in the method. A lack of confidence in themselves. This is the place where we all struggle.


We all hear the doubters and naysayers telling us it won’t work. The worst doubters are the voices in our own heads. But as an entrepreneur, I’m telling you that the best way to get over this is to have a belief in your own ability, in the method, in the business itself. In some ways, you have to create the confidence by removing any ability to back out of your efforts.



Step 2: Build a Quick-Cash Quick-Start Business


In a world where all the major businesses out there raise tons of capital and seek out billions for investments, it is still possible to make your business a success without holding your hands out. You just need a little cash to start out of your own. And that can be had by starting your very own affiliate business. You define yourself as an expert in your field. You set the fees you charge. You set your schedule. You find the clients YOU want. And so on and so on...the benefits are endless.



Step 3: Build Your Own Growth


Let me answer your questions right now. Yes, there are TONS of examples of successful online entrepreneurs who run business that net them millions of dollars each year. Is that possible for you? Of course it is. But we don’t start there.


We start off our students with the idea of making $100,000 a year. There’s a reason we picked that number. It’s a very achievable result. When you break it down, the numbers make it seem very easy and within your reach. It’s just over $8000 a month. That works out to around $250 a day.


To most families around the world, this figure would change their lives. You could earn a 6-figure income and you’d be pretty happy. But we want to see your business grow to more than 6 figures. And that growth comes from your own drive, your own push to make it happen.


Action Tip: Create a list of the strengths that you have right now in your business. Now, write down how those skills can be used in a completely different business. See how many of your skills you can connect to something entirely new to what you’re doing right now.


Step 4: Build A Success Circle


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