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8 Step Email Sequence For Affiliate Marketing

Here’s my proven formula that will help you sell more affiliate marketing products and services organically through your email sequences.

Each email sequence should be tailored to each individual product or offer, based on the lead magnet that made them raise their hand and say, yes, they want to hear from you.

This is the exact strategy I use to design successful email sequences in my business.


Email #1: Intro Email

In this email, you need to deliver on your promise and give them exactly what they signed up for. Your goal is to build trust, and set the tone for what they can expect now that they are part of your list.


Email #2: Pure Value

In this email, you want to give, give, give. It’s all about overdelivering and providing pure value chockfull of tips and advice.


Email #3: Overcome Objectives

Use this email to address the objectives you most often see from people who are considering purchasing the product or service you are offering. I highly recommend providing even more value by providing even more advice for free. If this subscriber never buys from you, they should still walk away with valuable insights and actionable steps.


Email #4: Announce Your Offer

Ask for the sale in this email. You may have hinted about this product or offer in a previous email, but this email is all about the product or offer you’re selling. You want to provide just enough detail about the product and service you’re selling to have them curious enough to click through and learn more.


Email #5: Social Proof

Use testimonials from current and past customers to build credibility for you and your product or service. Case studies are also a great sales tool and make great email content. Be sure to help the subscriber, aka your potential customer, understand why what you’re selling will work for them.


Email #6: Offer a Bonus

You’re getting close to the end of your email sequence, so it’s the perfect opportunity to offer a limited time bonus to anyone who buys before a given deadline. This helps build scarcity in your offer and increases the likelihood of making a sale.


Email #7: Stack Bonuses

This is the second to last email in this sequence so you want to make it a no-brainer for the reader to purchase at this point. It’s a great opportunity to get potential customers off the fence because they really feel like they are getting a great deal and a ton of value for the price they are paying.


Email #8: Last Call

Always include a last call email in your email sequences. In my experience, this is the email that converts the largest number of sales. Your subscribers won’t want to miss out on the limited time offers you’ve made available. Not everyone reads every email, so this is a great opportunity to catch subscribers who may have missed a previous email, as well as, announcing these bonus offers.

As you can see every email in this sequence has a different purpose and goal, so be conscious about the intention as you begin writing.


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