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Pasha Rana

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11 Powerful Headline Writing Formulas

While there are literally hundreds of "headline formulas" these 11 have been proven
effective and will help get your creative juices flowing.
I suggest you write as many headlines as possible, as it is the most critical aspect of
your sales letter.
How critical?
Well, copywriter and author, David Garfinkel says that 75% of the purchasing decision
is made at the headline alone.
It's that critical!
That's why I suggest you write as many headlines as possible before choosing 3 (or
more) to test.
[1] "Give Me ________ And I'll Give You __________
"Give Me 30 Days And I'll Give You A Six Figure Business!
"Give Me Five Minutes A Day And I'll Give You A Flat, Sexy Stomach!
[2] "______ Quickly And Easily With __________
"Write Compelling Sales Letters Quickly And Easily With This Step-by-Step System
"Create Info Products Quickly And Easily With This Revolutionary New Software
[3] "How To ________ Without __________
"How To Get Headache Relief Without The Risks Of Dangerous Drugs
"How To Lose Weight Without Having To Starve Yourself Or Spend Hours In The Gym
-Pasha Rana-
Founder: The Pasha Group

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