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What is 1 Click Trading System? Who is Richard Hornshaw & Doyle Shuler?

What is 1 Click Trading System?

1 Click Trading System is a software company. We produce cryptocurrency trading signals and provide them as a service to our members through a monthly subscription. Our goal is to provide the highest quality crypto trading signals possible. We also provide a very user-friendly platform that makes it easy for our members to take trades.

After years of development, a new Artificial Intelligence software has been developed that now makes cryptocurrency trading “1 Click” easy. If you can click a button, you can now trade cryptos.

Safer: Your funds ALWAYS stay in YOUR control.

Easier: 1 Click takes care of the buy and sell.

More Profitable: You keep 100% of your trading profits and you have the option to share us with others and earn even more. Get paid instantly in Bitcoin.



How We Grow
We promote our service through our Sales Network of Affiliates. In lieu of traditional advertising methods, we simply pay independent contractors that refer new members to 1 Click Trading System. All sales of the Subscription must go through a replicated website (indicated by their personalized web address). Example www.1clicktradingsystem.com/Pasha . We pay out over 70% of our gross revenue to our affiliates. That is one of the highest payouts in the entire industry.

What We’re About
Our core corporate principals are simplicity and transparency. The 1 Click trading system is the easiest trading system ever created. Our affiliate compensation plan is one of the simplest plans you will ever see. No fine print. No hidden details. No smoke and mirrors. Everything is clear, simple and upfront. We are completely transparent in all that we do.

Your Funds are Your Funds
100% of your trading funds stay in your personal trading account at all times. You never send trading funds to our company. You keep 100% of your trading profits. We do not take a portion of your profits. The only funds that come to us are the monthly trade signals subscription fees. You can cancel at any time. We don’t require long term agreements. Plus, we even offer a free trial subscription so you can take it for a test drive before you decide to join.

It simply does not get any easier or transparent than that. We welcome you to our global family of 1 Clickers and would be delighted to have you join us.

Doyle Shuler

I firmly believe that cryptocurrencies will reshape the global financial system. We have built 1 Click Trading System to empower the average person to be able to take advantage of the huge shift that is coming to the financial markets. We enable anyone to actively participate in this shift and to profit from it. I encourage you to join us in this exciting journey and be on the front line of the biggest opportunity of our lifetime.”

  • Doyle Shuler-

Richard Hornshaw

My crypto journey began like most people. I was intrigued by the momentum and possibilities of blockchain and crypto. As a conservative person by nature, I found myself spending a lot of time filtering through the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. It was clear that I needed to truly learn more about the cryptocurrency market.

I knew there were a few check marks that were paramount. I had to maintain control of my own crypto assets. We had to have a fair and transparent environment. We had to develop a system that allowed new crypto owners and traders to harness the power of this new technology to get ahead. It's our pledge to you that we operate with these principles.

-Richard Hornshaw-

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Thanks for sharing your click bank biz ops Pasha, wishing you great success. Sharon Naraine