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What Is The KLT Process And How Can It Help You Sell More Clickbank Products?

If you have ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing or any kind of online promotions, you should already be familiar with the phrase, “KLT process.” What does KLT stand for? To recap, it means Know, Like and Trust.  This is the foundation of any kind of sales.

I don’t care whether you’re selling stuff on a street corner, in a department store or over the internet. You have to go through this process, otherwise you’re not going to make a sale.


How does this work? Well, ask yourself when was the last time you bought something from somebody you completely did not know? You haven’t heard of this person before. They just stepped up to you and tried to sell you stuff. Do you think you’d buy from them? Obviously, not. Most people don’t think that way. 


How come? There is something missing. Trust. For you to buy something, you have to first trust that the product solves a problem of yours. You also have to trust in the integrity of the person. This person is not blowing smoke up your backside. This person is not defrauding you. This person is not deceiving you. This person is actually who they claim to be.


Any representations they made about the product they are selling are spot-on. That’s how you build trust. When there is trust, people are more likely to whip out their credit cards and buy stuff. Do you see how this works? There has to be trust for sales to happen. But here’s the problem, for us to get to that stage, the person convincing the prospect must get the prospect to like their category of solutions.


For people to decide on a brand of watch, they must first be made aware that a certain type of watch is the best choice for them. In other words, they have to like a category of products that the ultimate product that you’re selling falls under. To complicate matters even more for them to get to that point, they must first feel that you know enough about their problems and possible solutions for them to trust you with your recommendations regarding the categories of products they should consider.

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