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The 6 Steps To An Affiliate Sales Conversion

Would you like to make more money as an affiliate? If you are struggling to close a sale, maybe it’s because you are not following the steps below. Please understand that if you want to close more sales as an affiliate, you have to follow certain steps otherwise you’re just taking shots in the dark and hoping to get lucky.

Last time I checked, that is not much of a strategy. Increase your chances of succeeding in the affiliate marketing game by being methodical enough to follow six steps for an ultimate success:


Step 1: Be relevant

The first thing you need to do is to offer relevant content to the right people. These are people who have certain problems. The content that you must present must address those problems. This way, people who have a certain problem and are looking for solutions will be drawn to your content that dwells on those problems.


Step 2: Offer valuable information

When people go to your website, make sure you give them what they came for. They obviously have problems, so give them the solution for that. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. However, keep in mind that there is a big difference between conventional wisdom and tried and proven solution. You are going to use both. But you are going to tease them so as to get them to buy whatever it is you are promoting.


Step 3: Shoot down alternatives and position your offer as better.

This is where the rubber meets the rope. Your website is going to be informative. If people have a problem, you are going to give them the solution to their problem. You are not going to play around. You are going to offer real value. Here’s the trick. You are going to give the information, but you are also to tease them and tell them that if they are looking for something faster, more convenient, cheaper, or more powerful, click here.

This way, they got what they came for but you also opened their minds to something better. That’s marketing. Because otherwise, you are just being a reporter. You are just basically giving them the stuff that they came for without getting anything in return. You are not going to make money as an affiliate if you do that. You have to shoot down the common solutions to the problem that you are offering.  Then, position your offer as something better.

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