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Elite Profit System Inc Latest Updates & Changes 2018

ELITE PROFIT SYSTEM is  world's first and only high ticket residual income affiliate marketing program that pays $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000 and $25,0000 INSTANT commissions directly to you.

The C.E.O of the company Joe Yagudaev have made changes to Elite Profit System compensation plan and added new products and Cryptocurrency services.

If you are not familiar with Elite Profit System, Click Here to watch video or download pdf

In this article, I am going to write about all the changes and new products and services that were added to Elite Profit System recently.


1- ZERO Admin Fee - Free Basic Membership

With latest changes to Elite Profit System comp plan, anyone can now become a member for free. CEO got rid of the admin fee. (Admin fee was $99/year).

Basic membership will be active for 7 days only. It means, you will have 7 days to upgrade your level to any membership level by paying directly to your sponsor. Elite Profit System offers following memberships. If you fail to upgrade your membership within 7 days, system will remove your account and you will have to register again if you wish to become a member.


1- Basic -  FREE for 7 days.

2- Bronze - $100 One time payment 

3- Silver - $500 One time payment 

4- Gold - $1000 One time payment 

5- Diamond - $5000 One time payment 

6- Elite - $10,000 One time payment 

7- Elite V.I.P - $25,000 One time payment 


Note: Bronze to Elite VIP Memberships pay 100% direct commissions.


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2- New Membership Level - Bronze Membership

Elite Profit System added new $100 membership level (Bronze Membership) to it's compensation plan. Download brand new comp plan(pdf)

This new Bronze membership level have the following products and services.


1- 400 Prewritten Emails covering almost every topic in network and affiliate marketing industry.

2- Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies introduction and trading video training course

3- Cryptocurrency trading premium signals telegram channel access

4- Affiliate resources and tools


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