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You Want To Know The Truth Right?, Great Press Release. Keep up the good work.

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Is your nose making you gain weight?

 When you’re trying to eat healthier, or watching your weight... 

 Hey! You know how tough it is to resist the appetizing aroma of your favorite “bad for you” foods.

Those tantalizing scents really tempt you to give in and indulge.
And if “temptation” isn’t bad enough, now there’s scientific proof...

Those delicious smells can actually cause you to gain weight.

I know it’s hard to believe... but here’s the scoop.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley wanted to see if your sense of smell affects weight gain.
So they fed a high-fat diet to two groups of mice.

Group 1 could smell their food. But the mice in Group 2 had their sense of smell temporarily blocked.
And here’s where it gets crazy...

The scientists discovered the mice without their sense of smell could eat a high-fat diet and stay a normal weight.
But the mice that could smell...

Ballooned to more than TWICE their normal weight.

And both groups ate the same food and the same amount!
So how is that possible?

Well, scientists believe certain smells have a profound effect on our brains.

When we smell food we love... like cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven... it triggers our brain’s “pleasure center.”
And when that happens, our metabolism slows to a crawl. So instead of burning those fatty calories — we store them.

Amazing, right? The smell of your food can affect weight gain as much as the food itself.
But here’s the good news...
You can turn that power around, and use smells to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and burn calories.

So next time you want to resist the urge to eat a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake, just take a whiff of one of these Healthy Scents:

When you hear “strawberries,” you might think “shortcake.”

But a study from the Netherlands showed smelling the aroma of strawberries can drastically reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods.

Researchers found the sweet smell of strawberries tricks your brain into thinking you’ve just eaten a sugary sweet dessert.

So your brain signals that you’re “full,” which reduces cravings.
And fewer cravings means less unhealthy food in your diet...

Making this is one of the best tools you can use to eat healthier and manage your weight.


When we feel stressed, we often try to beat it with junk food — whether it’s a sugary soda, a candy bar, or a bag of chips.
Well, next time you need a stress-buster — grab a lemon instead.

Researchers from Ohio State University found a few whiffs of lemon lifts your mood and also curbs cravings…

Which significantly cuts stress eating.

When you have less stress, and fewer cravings… you’re much less likely to binge on sodas, chips, and candy…
So it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight, and a healthy diet!

When you finally get home after a long, hard day... feeling exhausted, and ready for a nap...
Exercising is the last thing you may be thinking about.
But when the “afternoon slows” hit you… try smelling some peppermint.

Researchers have found the scent of peppermint boosts motivation, and improves metabolism during exercise. So you’ll not only feel more like working out... you could also burn more fat while you do it!

These 3 healthy scents can help you fight “aroma-induced” weight gain and boost your efforts to eat and live healthier.

So give them a try. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself enjoying…
The sweet smell of success! (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.) 

Ouch! Look at what this hater said...

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