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Healthy two, Great Press Release. Keep up the good work.

Great  Press Release.  Keep up the good work.
Thank you for sharing!

 Give it up for...

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It's good having you as an associate!

Thank you for taking the
time to read my IBOtoolbox press release.

 Face the facts:  "You and no one else are totally responsible for your financial situation!"
Think about it, there are really only two options, either you Take control of your money... or your money controls you...

A Chinese proverb wisely states: 
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
I have personally sponsored hundreds of affiliates with My Lead Gen Secret and tremendous success has come from that. 

"The Business is easy"
 Simple and Profitable

 For years, I did not experience any success
in my side businesses because I always put
things off.

I mistakenly thought that it was because of
a few things that I believed stood in my way.

Whenever I tried to show my business to
other people, they would reject it. So, I
would go back into my cocoon and avoid
showing it again for a while.

Ocassionally, someobody would join me, but
as I negatively anticipated, they would quit! So,
I would regress and avoid the income-producing
activities again.

Why? Because people said "NO" and they kept

Oh, trust me. I would blame the company. I would
blame my sponsor. I would blame the products or
services. It certainly wasn't my fault!

I even blamed the leader of our team!

I was going to quit one day and told him. Little did
I realize that he was going to be brutally honest
with me.
He "hit me between the eyes" and not just implied,
but told me directly that I was not persistent and
lacked desire and patience for my so-called goals.

How DARE HE say that about me!

He even told me that when I stop being a 'paid'
affiliate, I would no longer be allowed in the team
groups or functions!

I was so angry that I threatened him and said, "If
I DO decide to come back, I will tell the few people
in my team that you have no integrity and I would
not even want to join your stupid group functions,

I did not know that team and group functions were
for "paying affiliates" only. I actually believed I
was entitled. I was wrong and didn't even see it.

Here is where I had my breakthrough..

I heard someone say this corny little quote:
"If it's to be, it's up to me!"

My success is contingent on myself and no
one else!

I dropped my negative attitude and expectations!
Then I found THIS...

 A Consistent Flow of 100 to 200 Leads
 per day to look at my business!

Not only did I sign up, but after about a month's
worth of daily emails to those leads, I began to
get results.

I finally understood that success takes the patience
and persistence that I denied I lacked.

What about you? Are you fed up with lack of

100 to 200 Leads a Day..

Just do it! 

P.S. Imagine taking what you learn from this and using it with

Ouch! Look at what this hater said...

 This is what possible when you have a professional
SALES force making sales for you 24/7.
Leave it to the professionals. Now ANYONE can be a "guru".

Let me tell you right now, IBO opens my eyes and I was marketing in the wrong
way for a long time. I am so glad that I went to  Kris Karafotaswebinar.

I encourage a lot the people to get behind the keyboard and start doing things. 

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I'm looking for people who've ALREADY DECIDED to play big....
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I follow top earners in this industry to make money online,
so I don’t need to re-invent the wheel.
–Patrick Pierre 

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