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Warren Contreras

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Simplified Income

Due to some recent medical issues, I have decided to greatly simplify my online activities and concentrate on the easiest work that pays the most reliable income.

The Internet has made it quite easy for me to always have pocket money since I retired in September of 2000 and I come back for more every day, but I need to slow down so I have more time for other important activities, like exercise and naps (doctors orders).

My current favorite money maker is a FREE website for USA and Canada that I visit whenever I have 15 minutes of spare time. I get paid to read ads and take simple surveys (they even pay when I get disqualified), then once a month I can request a check. No I won't get rich, but I do get money for doing something easy and I never have to spend any of mine to get it and as you can see,  it ADDS UP

Free Money at FusionCash!

(Disclaimer: This real time earnings banner may trigger your skeptical side, but keep in mind I have been building this for many years and used to work at it a lot harder than I do now. Your results will depend on your own individual efforts)

If whatever you are doing now is not working as well as you would like (or you need a little more seed money to get it growing), why not spend some free time to work your way out of that box? Once you see how easy this is (like I did 14 years ago), I doubt if you will ever regret it.

I should add, that I love helping my referrals earn more too, because every time you get paid, I get another $5 Bonus, month after month. I have a few that have earned me 30 to 50 Bonuses and are still active. (Nice way to ease up, don't you agree?)

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