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Just Like Free Money In The Bank

Multiple Payment Methods

I use a simple website that pays my wife and I to play games (we each have our favorites), but recently the amount per game has gone way down. We still play for the fun of it and I started doing surveys from TheoremReach that brings it back to being worth the time.

What I like best is even when I get disqualified from a survey, they still pay me more than I make playing 3 or 4 games. It is a good diversion from other things I do online, so I take a break every few days to spend enough time to add to my balance. The minimum withdrawal is only $1 USD, but I let it grow since I have confidence they pay.

I have been looking at percussion massagers on Amazon, so I started getting my payments in Amazon Gift Cards with no fees and only a $1 minimum, so over the last couple of months it added up to $22 that I applied to my $30 purchase, making it much easier to get it by my wife.

I buy a LOT of stuff from Amazon, so this payment method makes the most sense to me, especially since PayPal dumped both my accounts and I am still waiting to get the $200 they froze in the second one.

I was really impressed with how much better these new percussion massagers work, than the old vibrator models and I am having a lot less pain now in my shoulders and neck if I use it a few times a day.

All because I took the time to look outside the box and save some money.

Press Release comments:

There are so many ways to earn money online, we each have our favorite way. Looks like fun way, Warren! :-) Herb Ratsch

Everyone has different reasons for earning online. Your methods work for those who need a little income boost. I am glad you are around to give people this option. Dennis Thorgesen

Hi Warren, It's Bruce from that other site. I'm a little lost here. Where does one go to make connections?
Is there a limit on how many Press Releases one can do? in a day, week, month...? Bruce
Bruce Fanning