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Warren Contreras

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First PR Since Valentines Day

On The Road Again

Today was a milestone for me, since it's been 20 weeks since I had my open heart surgery and to help recover they gave me the assignment to go out and walk for 30 minutes  5 days a week (which I have slowly increased to 20 minutes twice a day 7 days a week), but today is the first time since I started, that I've been able to finish my walking without my lower back tied up in knots. It felt pretty good when I was finished and now I'm hoping that's a new foundation point to start building from.

I also feel really good about how my internet earning activity is coming back. I have been squeezing in little 15-minute sessions several times a day and even though I couldn't do anything for about a month after I got home from the hospital, in the 16 weeks  since I've been back online I've increased my balance $150. 

With the Coronavirus still going on, I can't very well go out and spend it yet, but that's going to be nice once this gets resolved. I already plan on hitting the condos and spending some time at the beach with the wife as soon as we can safely schedule it. I plan on playing it safe, because it would be a shame to go through all this surgery pain and then end up getting that stupid virus.

 Overall, I think things are coming together really well and I hope to increase my online activity a little more now.

Press Release comments:

Warren, I am so glad to learn that you are "Back on the Road Again,"-- back to restoring your great health and wealth! Keep up your great work. And... be safe, and stay healthy!Patricia Reynolds

Good for you getting the walking in, that's what I've been doing since the first of April. Saturday I was able to do an elliptical workout for the first time since last winter. But take it easy and best wishes on your thorough recovery. Francis Cassady

Glad to hear you are on the mend. What I love about residual income is it doesn't stop when you can do little to nothing.

The "pandemic" has been good for my business. More people are looking at starting online businesses. The smart ones are getting a head start by branding at the beginning.
Dennis Thorgesen

Glad you feel up to writing PRs again and two Congrats...1. Increasing your walking time and 2. Featured member of The Day, safe and healthy Go IBO! :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Welcome back Warren, great to see you. Isn't it wonderful to have your heart back, not that you ever really lost it. And what a comeback! Featured Member and motoring already. A nice little encouragement for marketers is to know that you can be away for a while but still earn when you put the right strategies in place. So, well done all round - see you at the next city marathon! :-)Tom Riach

Glad to hear you are following Dr's orders and are improving. Praying for you and wishing you the best. Congratulations on being the FMOTD. Stay strong.Brenetta Jackson

Warren, I see you are the member of day 6.29.20. Go IBOJames Stevens

I hope that you have a speedy recovery! I pray that you will be bless with better health each day. On the road again! Wishing you the very best!Nichola James