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Warren Contreras

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Catastrophic Interruption

Free Do Over

I have not been very active on IBO Toolbox for the last few days, because I went through a major computer problem. It started when I purchased a hybrid solid state hard drive to speed things up.  I did create a Restore drive so I could put the new hard drive in and bring it up on Windows 10.  Little did I know that once the hard drive was replaced with a blank one, the Windows Restore disk would not even see it.  

After many hours of researching on Google, I finally found a forum post that led me through creating a Windows reinstall disk with detailed instructions on how to get Windows to recognize the new hard drive.  I am still in the process of reinstalling  all my software and getting it setup the way I would like it.

The good part is, it is now blazing fast.  I can boot up three times as fast as it used to take and everything just seems to be going faster.  Since my computer was several years old, it also means with a brand new more modern hard drive, I can depend on fewer problems for a lot longer.

You may be wondering why I didn't just restore a good backup (which I did have), but after running for that long there was just a lot of garbage on there and I decided to just start from scratch. Past experience has taught me that it is usually well worth it.

I do still have the old hard drive with all my data and current projects intact and an adapter that I can plug into my USB port to transfer anything I want to keep. It pays to be prepared.

I should be back up to speed soon,


Press Release comments:

You're now known as Speeedy Warren .. a cloud of dust and you're gone! :-) Great to know you're on top of things and working faster than ever.Tom Riach

It's good news that you got your computer working faster than before Warren. I once had a computer where it to took 10 minutes to load Windows XP.Dominic Goss

Computers are great tools until unexpected problem s arise, I'm glad you finally figured what need to be done. It's good to have you backGraham Commander

glad to see you back on there, even it is just to say helloMichael Mikovich

Hi, Warren! Welcome back!Patricia Reynolds

Great Press Release. Thank you for sharingBob & Shirley Rushing

Hi Warren. I'm glad to hear you're almost back. You lost me completely after, (I purchased a hybrid solid state hard drive to speed things up). I am technology challenged so I'm at the total mercy of the Cyber Gods. All the best to you.Linda Michel White

The laptop lifestyle does come with it's problems. Keeping what we have created intact is one of them.

I like it that I have four ways to access (smartphone, desktop, laptop, and tablet) the online world, and two ways to reach it (fiber optic and airwaves). Believe me I didn't enjoy days when I couldn't be online. When I lost everything in a hard drive crash it taught me to prepare for as much as possible.
Dennis Thorgesen