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Warren Contreras

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Another IBO Toolbox Tip

Hot Tip For Stars

I like to keep as many stars as I can on my IBO Toolbox profile for a couple of good reasons.  Obviously, when other IBO members visit my profile, I want them to see that I'm an active member to inspire them to look further and want to collaborate on projects I am working on.  I know when I see someone with more stars, I pay more attention to that person, because I know they are active and we can be supportive of each other.

Well today when I logged on to IBO and went to make some comments, my notifications only had messages from the Admin and I couldn't find anything to comment on. So I went to the IBO Wall and all I could find was links for different pitches that I wasn't interested in at all.

Suddenly I remembered a Press Release that I read some time ago, suggesting that we worked with people we know, like and trust. So I opened the My Affiliates page and sorted them to decide which ones I wanted to focus on for the moment and visited each of their profiles, where I could find previous Press Releases and Social Wall Post that they had made and make comments meant something to my hearts content. Remember, when you comment on an older post, it moves it back to the top of the list and notifies them that you were there.

As I went through this process, I started thinking and realized that not only am I making the comments that I want to gain my extra star, but I am helping out my friends and IBO neighbors as well.

Most of you probably already knew this, but then again it might just help somebody new.


Press Release comments:


Warren, thanks for sharing, liked and shared out for you. Sunny Dominion

Hello Warren. Good PR and tips to use here at IBO. I always enjoy your PR's. Thank you. Brenetta Jackson

Yes I often go back through my press release and do a copy and paste of the title to put it back out there. This will give it more exposure for the new people joining IBO. That's a great tip you shared for the IBO newbies. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart/Social Media StrategistTerri Pattio