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Deal of the day

Real Estate

In the Property market the money plays a important Role

Role of Money

question arises  why you need money ?

ans_Answer is that  I need money for  my self

To spend luxurious life.

Q-√∑In which  professional you are?

Ans_Buying and Selling of Properties

internet marketing and Real.Estate

question Answer session

1   what is  the Role of currency 

Ans_Role of currency to buy food stuff

         Role of currency to buy Milk

         Role of currency to fulfill own requirements

        Role  of  currency to maintain  business.

        Role of currency to maintain high level.polised  life

Q_are you human.

Ans_Yes I am.human

Q_  What is the Role of constitution  of  India

Ans_  According to the constitution of India

  After the age of  18 every indian  whether  he or she

Boy or girl have a right to caste vote.

Q  can any body force you to change the name and profession?

A_No body force to any human to change the name profession and name of mother and father.

Q  Are you happy to entertain unwanted persons


Q Are you live happy without your children 


Q _are you want to take a unessary burden of the  Families


q_Which family you want to choose 

Happy family 

or  Dirty family

Ans_Happy Family

 Always Smile

During the time  of purchasing  home

Always Smile upon the defeat of Rivals

Always smile when   soul  Is happy.

Always Smile when  finalizing the deal of  property in the market.

Always Smile

when you are feeling happy with happy family

Role of Money

Role of Money to purchase



Home theater 


Fax Machine

Double bed




and  stuffs from.the  markets

 1  Are you want to stay alone or become social?

ans_ Human can not stay alone

Human are social

human want to communicate with peoples?

human want to live with happy family?

buyers session

1Br for sale

2 Br for sale

3 Br  for sale

4 Br for sale

5 Br for sale

land for sale

Hotel apartments  for lease


For watching Tv


For listening news

News paper

For reading news

Books for education 


For deposit money and  cheque


For safe life

Cutting edge means

Talk with real humans not on computer with the pictures of human

Do not spend much time on computers

Social security   means

become Social

Talk with buyers for buying any kind of stuff

Always concentrate upon Aim





And life

Be Honest during the time of finalizing the deals

and delivery of salary bonuses and commissions of the Deals in online session or internet marketing and Real estate session

Deal.of the day

with money and bonuses .


Flat  Apartment Flat  Apartment

For sale

or lease


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