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KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd- ball Valves Manufacturers Suppliers In Mumbai India

Ball Valves Manufacturer In India

KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd is a top High Quality Ball Valves Manufacturers in India. In India, our Ball Valves are made in accordance with international ASTM ANSI, ASTM API, and ASTM DIN standards. Send us an email for quick and easy quotes at factory prices. Ball Valves come in six different types, which we make and offer.

KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd is a High Quality Leading Ball Valves Manufacturer in India. 

Ball Valves Manufacturers:- Product Description

Ball Valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting Ball to control flow through it. It is open when the ball's hole is in line with the flow and closed when it is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies flat in alignment with the flow when open, and is perpendicular to it when closed, making for easy visual confirmation of the valve's status.

We are a leading Ball Valves manufacturers in Mumbai and nearby areas. 

6 Different Types of Ball Valves. 

  1. Two Way Ball Valves

  2. Three Way Ball Valves

  3. Four Way Ball Valves

  4. Single Piece design Ball Valves

  5. Two Piece Design Ball Valves

  6. Three Piece design Ball Valves

Our Ball Valves are manufactured according to International ASTM ANSI Standards, ASTM API Standards, ASTM DIN Standards in India. Hence, we are the top  Ball Valves Manufacturer in India.

Uses of Ball Valve

  • KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd's Ball valve's ease of operation, repair, and adaptability lend it to extensive industrial use, withstanding pressures up to 1000 bar and temperatures up to 752 °F (400 °C), depending on design and raw materials used. Sizes typically range from 0.2 to 48 inches (0.5 cm to 121 cm). 

  • Valve bodies are made of metal, plastic, or metal with a ceramic; floating balls are often chrome plated for durability. 

  • In the cold climates, the sides can crack due to the expansion of ice forming. Some means of insulation or heat tape in this situation will usually prevent damage.


Materials used in Ball Valves.

  • Bronze (CAC401, CAC406).

  • Brass (C3771).

  • Gray cast iron (FC200,FC300).

  • Ductile iron castings (FCD-S).

  • Carbon steel castings for high temperature/pressure service (SCPH 2).

  • Stainless steel castings (SCS13A,SCS14A).

KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd mainly are Industrial Ball Valves manufacturers. Each and every Ball valve passes through stringent quality control tests at every stage of production and each valve is made perfect in every respect. We are the top Ball Valves Manufacturer in India.

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Website: www.khdvalvesautomation.com 

Product Source: Ball Valves Manufacturer in India

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Email: khdhemant@gmail.com 

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