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How are Invar 36 round bars manufactured?

Invar 36 round bars are metallic round bars made of Invar 36 material, which is a low-expansion alloy that contains 36% Nickel. It is an alloy primarily consisting of Nickel and Iron. It also contains 15% Manganese, 15% Silicon and up to 35% Cobalt.

Neptune Alloys is a high-quality Invar 36 round bars supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Invar 36 Round Bar is one of our most popular products in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. In India, we supply Invar 36 Round Bars in accordance with international ASTM, ANSI, API, and DIN standards. We are a preferred Invar 36 round bar dealer in India.

Invar 36 round bar manufacturing required multiple steps.

Firsh, all the metallic raw material is collected. The physical and chemical properties of the raw materials are tested.

Once all the inspection of the material is done, it is heated to reach a molten state, after which hot-rolling takes place, where round bars of desired dimensions are formed on cooling.

Then a final quality inspection of the manufactured round bars takes place. The water-quenching ability and heat inspection is also performed. Physical toughness and durability are evaluated too.

Finally, the product is stored well and dispatched.

We are the first choice of our clientele as a Invar 36 round bar dealer in India and Invar 36 Round bar supplier in Mumbai. To know more about Invar 36 round bars, please visit our website.

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