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Word of Mouth Classifed Advertising Works

Getting results from your classified advertising is difficult ...unless you can make them go viral. Simply posting classified ads is not enough. Not when you have the option of having your classifieds promoted by thousands of other marketing agents. If you have not heard about WomVegas yet, you are really missing out on some great exposure for your offers and promotions. Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world. WomVegas is on a mission to become the Word of Mouth Convention Capital of the World! This is how it works... When you post a classified ad at the WomVegas classified site, your posting includes a "Share" link. Many of the free members at WomVegas are interested in earning points so they can post their own promotions within the WomVegas site. The easiest way for Wom Vegas members to earn points is to share classified ads on their own social media sites. Each Wom Classified you place includes a title, graphic and description. Every time you place an ad you create a new back-link to your site. You can use your Wom Classifieds to promote yourself, your business or your cause - anything you like, so long as it is legal, moral and ethical. Wom Classifieds are great for Individuals, Local Brick-and-Mortar Businesses, Internet Marketers, Network Marketers and MLM Pros. WomVegas offers three types of Wom Classifieds: 1. Free Wom Classifieds - are shown on the world-wide classified site, directly below the first three rows of Premium (paid) Classifieds. The free Wom Classifieds last for 30 days or until you cancel them. 2. Premium Wom Classifieds - are shown on the world-wide classified site. Your ad starts in the first position at the top of the page and lasts for one full year! The budget-conscious marketer will be excited to know that 7 (seven) Premium Classifieds can be purchased for only $1 - that's right, only ONE DOLLAR! 3. Targeted Premium Wom Classifieds - work the same as the Premium Wom Classifieds but you can choose to have your ad targeted to a specific city in the Wom Town Directory. This a great way to expose your offers to specific city, town, village or even a specific ZIP Code. Another great feature of this option is that each Wom Town comes with a City Promoter who will be eager to make sure that your ads get even more exposure. You can puchase 3 (three) Targeted Premium Wom Classifieds for only $1 - yes, just one dollar! GET THREE FREE CLASSIFIEDS RIGHT NOW => All you need to do to place a free Wom Classified is register for a free account at http://27buzz.com and enter Promo Code 38668

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Interesting PR thanks for sharing BillMichael Burton

Interesting PR on WomVegas, thank you for sharing Bill.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Great explanation of WomVegas, Bill. Thanks so much for sharing. Much success!Sandy Blomstrom

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on classified advertising Bill, and good to see you back stranger.Don Sabelhaus

Classifieds is where people go when looking for something so you sell more. Hope everything is going good for you Bill. Keep posting these pr's and get more people to join. Hope to talk with you soon.Darline Griffin

Thanks for the comment Bradley! Too bad that you have been missing out all this time. No problem... you can get started for free today and reap the benefits ...and I'll help!Bill Darton

Thanks for sharing Bill I wasn't aware of WomVegasBradley Scott

Wow! Not sure how I missed this but "Thank You" Dustin and Margo!Bill Darton

Bill this sounds like a excellent way to get one's business out there. I am on my way to check it out. Sharing thisDustin Grant

Excellent PR Bill! Thanks for sharing!Margo Miller