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Where does one go to find success

I was wondering... Where do you expect to find success? Maybe you have heard this one before... The only place you will find Success before Work is in the dictionary. In all my experience, I have found that statement to be absolutely, positively true. Even if you won the lottery, you would still have to pick some numbers, get up off your butt and go to the store and buy a ticket - the work always comes first. I just recently sponsored my 100th referral to SuccessQUIK. (Yay for me!) You can check it out here http://www.ibourl.com/9t5 Out of those 100 referrals, I have 10 paid members. Some have referred others and some have not. I even have free members who sponsored upgraded members ...go figure?! My SuccessQUIK account is fully upgraded for a 'whopping' $ 41.95 in Lifetime upgrades. So far, I have made... $ 50.00 from 10K AdPack Sales ($ 5.00 x 10) $ 75.00 from Starter Pack Cycles ($ 25.00 x 3) $ 59.00 from one Gateway Cycle That is a total of $ 184.00 in SuccessQUIK commissions and of course this does not even count any of the sales I have made from the advertising I have done with the SuccessQUIK Ad Points that I have used. Plus, a good number of my referrals have followed me into (or came here from) the other QUIK sites like ListQUIK and ResidualQUIK - and I have made hundreds in additional commissions there as well. But, it all starts right here at SuccessQUIK - it is the Central Hub of the QUIK sites as far as I am concerned. The cool part is that I will never have to put another dime into SuccessQUIK and the profits will continue to come. As a matter of fact, there is no way for me to spend more money here even if I wanted to. As I said before, the upgrades are good for life - so long as the program exists, of course. The real truth is, between my day job, my primary business and the endless distractions, I do not even feel that I have done a very good job of promoting and building SuccessQUIK. If you were to give it some serious effort, you could easily get much better results than I did. At this point I have to ask... When will you finally see the benefit of putting in the work so you can get to Success? Think about it this for a second... Even if you put in a half-hearted effort with Traffic Exchanges and SafeLists, you could get one referral every three days. You could have 100 referrals in one year. If one in ten upgrades and three of those duplicate your efforts, you will have a non-stop marketing machine with endless profits. The next year is going to go by anyway so why not put in some work and make the best of it? What have you really got to lose? Is your online business any more successful than it was a year ago? If it is, that is great and I applaud you! Now just imagine how much more successful you could be if you had a non-stop marketing machine. Imagine if you had started a year ago - how awesome would that be? Get informed so you can make an educated decision about moving forward with your SuccessQUIK account... Sign-up for a free SuccessQUIK account and make sure that you review the links on the left - especially these three; 0 to 16K Strategy, 16K In 17 Weeks and The Income Staircase. If you need help... that is what I am here for - just let me know. I really do want to help you find Success. Learn more about SuccessQUIK here: http://www.ibourl.com/9t5 Bill Darton www.MyListBuildingAcademy.com www.IBOsocial.com/MyWebBiz www.FaceBook.com/MyWebBiz www.Twitter.com/MyWebBiz_ca

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True enough Ann - we are perpetually surrounded by opportunity. It is just a matter fo finding the right fit.Bill Darton

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Thanks Bill Some times we let great opportunities pass us by a friend of mine ask me to join a program he was in a year ago i was leery of of it he is now making $300 a day. Ann Oakley

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Great Blog Bill, You Give A Very Positive Outlook On It Where People Would Just Give Up ON It , Well Done.Darren Hudson

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