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There are a lot of great benefits of building an online business but, let me ask you... Do You Ever Feel Like Your Online Business Is Holding You Prisoner? Building a successful business online requires a lot of effort which means it takes a lot of time. For those of us who have a full time job already, there are times where you start to feel like life is passing you by. The interesting thing is, a lot of traditional brick-and-mortar business owners have the same problem, but in reverse. They spend day and night working and growing their business that they don't have the time or energy to learn how to market their business online. As an IBO Toolbox member you already have more internet marketing expertise that 99.9% of the average person on the street. Sure, you could direct people here and help them set up an IBO Social Page but, they would still need to learn how to market it. The fact is that most local mom-and-pop businesses cannot afford the hundreds of dollars per month that some local providers require to create a web presence and build traffic. Fortunately, there is a service that merges internet marketers with traditional business owners. Take Your Online Experience and Deliver It To Main Street The WOM-Vegas Word-Of-Mouth Topaz Promo Kit is the ideal solution for local businesses in your community. You could actually become the go-to guy (or gal) in your town when it comes to word-of-mouth social media marketing. The Topaz Promo Kit is a do-it-yourself program that takes a little work to set initially but, once alll the pieces are in place, your client can simply renew most of the advertising they already created. Just imagine, over time you could have 100 clients and earn $30 from each renewal. That works out to $750 per week in real income. If you offered each client one hour of on-site consultation that would work out to 25 hours per week. Add another 10 hours per week your own training and preperation and suddenly you have a 'real' business of your own. Your income could increase as some clients take advantage of other advertising opportunities within the site. I will be reaching out about this program from time to time. For now, I simply recommend that you take a look at the Topaz Word-Of-Mouth Promo Kit... http://www.ibourl.net/WomTasticTopaz It Is Just As Good For Online Business As It Is For Offline Business.

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