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Retired Baby Boomers Are Considering Entrepreneurship

Baby Boomers are retired or nearing retirement. Most are considering entrepreneurship as part of thier retirement strategy. Want Proof? Check out this article from MetroNews.ca http://metronews.ca/voices/alison-on-money/404772/the-boom-in-canadian-baby-boomer-small-businesses/ As the article states, many have no idea how they are going to finance their venture, ore even what their venture will be. Of course I am biased but, I highly recommend that they consider becoming a City Promoter ...while they still can. Visit http://www.27Town.com and enter Promo Code 38668 for more information. Maximum Gains for Minimal Risk: ~ A city promotership can be had for as little as $50 per month. ~ Test Drive as a Sales Agent for free. ~ No personal selling or recruiting required. ~ Earn a minimum of 20% of all revenue generated from WomClassifeds on your city Getting started is easy but, there is only one City Promoter allowed per city or town. Register early for best selection. Or, contact me directly through the links at the top of this page for more information.

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Very nice PR BillLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

This is a great opportunity for any business. Bill is a great person to help walk you thru any of the steps and be successful. Bill Darton really goes the extra mile for you so check out this press release and get involved to grow your business. You will see results.Darline Griffin

Hi Bill: Entrepreneurship is the way to live - FREEDOM! Thanks for sharing.Constance Hammond

Thanks a bunch Tracey! ...and congrats on being the featured Member of the Day at IBO Toolbox!Bill Darton

Great PR! Thanks for sharing, Bill!Tracey Franklin

Thanks Marnee! ...always great to hear from you!

The beautiful part of the City Promoter opportunity is that the income grows no matter who makes the sales. It is like having Exclusive Marketing Rights to the Classifieds of any City that you own.
Bill Darton

Thanks for sharing this Bill. Yes I can understand why Baby Boomers are looking for other ways for income.Marnee Masales

Thanks for the comment and IBO Spirit YashBill Darton

Great PR thank you for a well detailed shareYash Qaraah

Thanks Eugene ...and, you're welcome! I am the City Promoter for three cities already and I am having more fun than I ever imagined.Bill Darton

Thanks for the comment Eugene. I must say, it is very exciting.Bill Darton