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Bill Darton

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Promotion With Word of Mouth Marketing is the Best Form of Advertising

In it's purest form, promotion with word of mouth marketing is simply one person expressing appreciation for (or endorsement of) a product or service to another person who, in turn, gains a new interest in that same product or service. This is the best form of advertising but, only when the appreciation and/or endorsement is sincere. "If I like anything, I am hearty in my appreciation and lavish in my praiseā€ ~ Charles Schwab One of the things that I have really come to appreciate as a member of IBO Toolbox is the supportive and cooperative nature of the members. We even have a term for it... IBO Spirit. By sharing and commenting we are, in effect, showing appreciation for (or endorsing) our fellow IBO Associates. The whole dynamic of the IBO Spirit often seems strange to new-comers. At first glance IBO Toolbox looks like just another free advertising site. The sort of place that marketers go to promote their products and services to each other. But IBO Toolbox is not really like that - sometimes, you just have to look a little deeper to 'see' it. IBO Toolbox members are not here so much to sell to each other, rather we are working together so we all get to broaden our reach. By sharing and commenting on each other's Dashboard Posts, IBO Social Pages and Press Releases, we are able to bring new audiences to our fellow IBO Toolbox associates. Once I finally 'discovered' the dynamic of the IBO Spirit, it changed my whole perspective regarding all of my business efforts. Whether I was reviewing my existing programs or looking into a new program, I always look at it through a new lens ..."Is there a way that this will allow me to be more effective at helping others." Just as an example, I recently joined another marketing program that works on the same philosophy of caring, sharing and commenting. Wom Vegas uses word of mouth promotion in much the same way as we do here at IBO Toolbox. Obviously there are some differences but, if you like, you can check all that out here > http://womVegas.com/offers.php?id=38668&tid=IBOtbPR21Jan13 You see... your success does not depend so much on how many sales you can make but rather how many people you can help. The more people you help, the easier it is to make sales. As a matter of fact, every successful business started out by finding a 'need' and filling it. Whenever someone has a 'need' there is a problem that needs to be overcome. Filling that need is the best way to help people overcome their challenges. Show your IBO Spirit by 'helping' your IBO Associates. The more helpful you are, the easier it will be to find the success you deserve.

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Thanks for your great comments and support! Go IBO!Bill Darton

Hi Bill .iam very interesting reading your PR .and iam with you in IBO members are not here to sell to each other but to help ourselves and help and like and share others .and this is the secret in ibo .the more you share ,like others ,the more you will be get high deep backlinks to ur page ,and that make you visible in front of search engines and get alot of visitors from outside ibotoolbox, i always say that hear to members , i agree with you Bill. i wish you more success,thank youyasser farouk

Great PR, Bill. I agree totally, that word of mouth is still the best form of marketing and referral and caring. I agree IBO is an unique marketing platform.Annemarie Berukoff

IBOSpirit....yeah!!Mark Vaughn