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Power Cash Stream - A Traffic Exchange with owners who care about their members

Want to know what annoys the heck out of me about Traffic Exchanges? As an experienced surfer, I am deeply disappointed in how few traffic exchanges are growing the community by advertising outside of TE Land. Most owners are content with swapping members by setting up surf promotions with other exchanges and trading credits as their sole way of getting members to see your pages. Basically, they raid other exchanges for members. But. . . New surfers are the lifeblood of the industry. Without new surfers, the industry would shrivel up and slowly die. I may sound a wee bit melodramatic, but the fact of the matter is this. . . There are only a handful of exchanges bringing in fresh blood. And surfing those exchanges is the smart thing to do because ; * The sheer profit power of helping “still wet behind ears” newbies get started on the right foot is tremendous. * Your advertising resonates with new surfers because have yet to see everything under the sun * They haven’t joined everything yet * They are still full of hope and dreams * Smart new surfers seek help * They need the tools to succeed Plus new surfers want more free traffic. That means surfers can actually get results promoting other exchanges. And when an exchange discovers a secret source of surfers, they become the hottest exchange to promote for all the reasons I mentioned above. One such exchange is PowerCashStream. It’s owned by Aron and Shawn McElhaney, two twin brothers living in Colorado. Aron focuses marketing PowerCasStream outside traffic exchanges with pay per click advertising. “I don’t advertise in other traffic exchanges because I let the members have those referrals,” Aron told me over Skype. He continues, “I go out side of traffic exchanges and advertise for new marketers looking for free traffic.” Why pay per click? “Sometimes I ask myself that,” Aron said. “But,” he goes on, “it’s a fast way of finding new marketers who haven’t heard of traffic exchanges yet.” And since many marketers don’t want to surf or their products are not suitable for traffic exchanges in the first place, I have to sift and sort to find new surfers.”" We also want to reach out and bring in surfers from, the other exchanges too,” Shawn chimed in, “ but we want our members be able to build their own downlines. And we to reward them in a BIG way for doing that. That’s we have platinum level that pays 80 percent commissions when their referrals upgrade.” Shawn has also done everything he can to make surfing fun, enjoyable and profitable. The big thing in my book is how they put the chat on the top right hand side of the screen. That’s an important feature because the left hand side is where our eyes naturally go. That’s where you want your pages! The owners get it. And bringing in new surfers is what makes PowerCashStream stick out from the flood of new exchanges popping up all over the place I don’t recommend many new exchanges these days, but I have no hesitation whatsoever, string suggesting you grab your free membership at PowerCashStream. Join Free Here: http://ibourl.com/17n3

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