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Online Marketers Discover A New Career With Offline Opportunity

Many online marketers are starting new careers by taking their skills to the streets.

A new offline opportunity is growing daily where everyday people are becoming City Promoters and introducing traditional local businesses to the online marketing world. The instant pay and high profits are simply too hard to resist.

As a City Promoter myself, the biggest personal benefit is simply getting back into the real world. Like so many other Internet marketers, the more involved I got in my online business the more distant I became with family, friends and society in general. Sure we have Social Media to stay "connected" but, as we all know, that it is not the same as being face-to-face with other people.

Nowadays, I get to spend as much time as I like roaming around town finding interesting things to chat about and posting about them on my WomTown City Portal. I can chat about news, sports, events, people and local businesses and then share these interesting tidbits through Social Media.

The company policy is to keep everything on WomTown positive, upbeat and exciting. This actually creates another interesting benefit - my mood is always getting better because I am always focused on the positive. It just makes perfect sense, right.

A good City Promoter will always keep a high percentage of their promotions focused on the local business community. After all, these are the people who are going to be your best potential source of income as advertisers at your portal. Each WomTown city portal comes with a classified section as well, which can ultimately become another substantial source of income.

The bottom line is that you are simply trying to be a good ambassador of your city or town. Eventually, local business people will take notice of you. You tell them that you use your own word-of-mouth to promote through WomTown, WomVegas and Social Media and that all they have to do is list their business in your WomTown Business Directory for free and you will start going to work for them immediately.

Once a business lists in your directory, you can really go to work and show them how great the whole system works. You simply take advantage of all the free training you get at WomVegas to learn how to properly generate massive amounts of traffic to your WomTown Business Listings.

Most local businesses will greatly appreciate the good-will you provide and the added exposure they are getting. The one's who appreciate it the most will be eager to learn about the tremendous benefits of a Premium Listing. They pay you directly which means you get your profit up-front and you pay WomVegas when you upgrade the listing so they get their cut.

This is a pretty good overview of what it means to be a WomTown City Promoter for WomVegas, but there are many more benefits that I will get into in other postings. You don't need to be a "Sales Type" person at all but, if you are personable, pleasant and presentable, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

To learn more about the WomTown City Promoter opportunity you can contact me through IBO with the Contact link at the top or use one of the links below.

>> Use Promo Code 38668 at...

For more info about WomVegas: http://27Easy.com

For more info about WomTown City Promoter: http://27town.com

Press Release comments:

Thank you for sharing your interesting info BillLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

A little late getting back to you but, thanks for the comments Louis and James. Yes, it is a very interesting concept indeed. I am loving every minute of it.Bill Darton

Bill, this a great PR. Together we are much stronger and successful. Go IBO-James Stevens

This sounds like an interesting plan. Will check it out and take a closer look. Thanks for sharing, Bill.Louis Teoh

Thanks Kevin, I agree absolutely. Actually, the way I see it, it's the best of both worlds. :)Bill Darton