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Bill Darton

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I got off work early - here is your bonus

There was trouble in store for me at work today. Nothing too sreious, just a couple of broken down trucks. That is why I was able to go home early. Everything should be 'good to go' tomorrow. In the mean time I thought I would make an offer to those of you who bother to come here and put up with my blabbering. :) Have you heard about the 'Income Staircase' from SuccessQUIK? My SuccessQUIK account has grown to over 100 referrals! This is a program that I love to promote because it can actually become an Advertising Bank for those who see the true value in it. Even better is that it only takes a little effort to make it pay off. You can check it out here... http://www.ibourl.com/9t5 If you are not a member already, you can go ahead and register and get 1000 Ad Points just for signing up as a free member. Better yet... If you sign up before midnight today - May 23, 2012 - I will give you a free 10K AdPack! (NOTE: Maximum Limit of 20 Giveaways Today) That is a $6.95 value that I will be paying right out of my own pocket. Wow! You have to admit, I am a pretty generous guy :) Hopefully you are enjoying a beautiful sunny day too. Anyway... go ahead and get your free 1000 AdPoints and I will get back to you as QUIK as I can. Bill Darton http://www.MyListBuildingAcademy.com

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As always... thanks for the support SigurdBill Darton

Good work on this one Bill (And right link)
Its all good to read your blabbering for me, no prob at all. Must check what people do, and special people who done a lot and been around a few good years-
Recommand people to check this out.
Sig Skeie

Thanks for commenting Naomi - your IBO Spirit is much appreciated. :)Bill Darton

Awesome Blog and an awesome way to help others advertise there business. Thanks so much for sharing.Naomi Thompson

HaHaHa... So true Nicholas. Your 9-5 will provide sustanence - your 5-9 will provide your freedom.Bill Darton

Nice, I call it getting off my 9-5 early to do my any hour and time job lolNicholas Tanner

Thanks a lot Don.Bill Darton

A TB&L for my friend BillDon Sabelhaus