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Bill Darton

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Extremely Limited Opportunity For Serious Marketers

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: UPDATE: The merger is now complete. TripleQuikAds is currently running a fantastic special until the end of May 2012. Join for free and consider taking advantage of this limited time offer for new members: http://www.ibourl.com/bky ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sorry for the late notice but I was a little late getting the info myself ...it has been very busy at the 'day job' this week. Two of my favorite marketing sites are merging on Tuesday, May 1st - ListQUIK and TripleQuikAds. Here are a couple of presentations you can use to get more details: http://www.shortquik.com/pres/listquik http://www.shortquik.com/pres/lqtqamerger/ The bottom line is this... Right now... As a ListQUIK Lifetime Platinum Member you can send your email promotions to 4000 ListQUIK members every four days. After the Merger... The ListQUIK Lifetime Platinum Membership will no longer be available. You will be able to mail your promotions at the TripleQuikAds site. Act Before The Merger... ListQUIK members are going to be transfered to TripleQuikAds and Lifetime Platinum Members are going to be able to maintain their mailing limit (4000 every three days) and this will be over-and-above the mailing limits as they are set at TripleQuikAds. As soon as the ListQUIK Lifetime Platinum membership disappears (on May 1st, 2012) there will be no way for anyone to get this added benefit. Remember... this is a 'Lifetime' benefit which can pay dividends far beyond the cost of the upgrade. The added mailings you get will mean more traffic, more leads, and more sales. I have been using both of these sites for quite some time and I can assure you the results have been tremendous. Not only am I able to get positive results from the advertising but I also have done very well with the affiliate program as well. To All Serious Marketers: I highly encourage you to give it some serious thought and take advantage of this timely offer. If you are not a member already, you can get registered for free at both sites right here: ListQUIK - http://bit.ly/HEEpoP TripleQuikAds - http://bit.ly/HSTnaF : Once you are registered at both sites you can log in at ListQUIK and take advantage of the Lifetime Platinum membership. Then, when the merger is complete, you will be able to maintain your mailing terms - for life! Plus... they have sweetened the pot with a tremendous Solo Ad Bonus - which is actually worth at least as much as the upgrade itself. NOTE: After the merger; the only upgrades that will be available to new members will be the Quik and Speedy upgrades from TripleQuikAds. Obviously this is not the sort of opportunity that comes along every day. Give yourself an unfair advantage over the competition and grab your Lifetime Platinum Membership at ListQUIK ...Right Now, while it is still fresh in your mind. ListQUIK - http://bit.ly/HEEpoP Bill Darton http://www.MyListBuildingAcademy.com About/Contact Me: http://bit.ly/JhURqM

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Hi Bill: I shared on Twitter. Thanks for sharing. Continued success to you.Constance Hammond

Thanks for sharing those bonus links, I love the ibotoolbox ads and they really have been converting for me, I am just about ready to spend my first dollar :-)Nick Simpson