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Does this TrafficHoopla thing really work

I know that the owner of TrafficHoopla keeps sending out messages that TrafficHoopla is a great way to build traffic to your website. Some People Still Ask... Does TrafficHoopla Really Work? My answer to you is a big, emphatic... "NO!" The fact is that TrafficHoopla does not actually 'do' anything. TrafficHoopla is simply a resource. I would even say it is a very important resource if you really intend to have success with the traffic you generate from all your surfing. A resource, or tool, allows you and me to do a job better. Does a hammer build a house? Of course not. A hammer simply allows the carpenter to build the house more effectively. So, while TrafficHoopla does not actually build your traffic, it does allow 'you' to build traffic more efficiently. If you surf at poorly performing Traffic Exchanges, you would naturally have to expect poor results - it's called 'Logic' because it makes perfect sense. If you want to improve your results then you want to surf at the Best Performing sites, the ones that have proven to get results. This, my friend is why I am a Platinum Member here at TrafficHoopla. Now, I know that the Platinum upgrade is not for everybody, so I will leave that decision to you. But, I tell you that I am Platinum so that you know that I believe in what I am saying and what the owner says to you as well... TrafficHoopla Works ...If YOU Work It. It does not matter if you are a Platinum, Pro or Free Member here at TrafficHoopla. What matters is that you learn what needs to be done and do it - and do it daily. Any Questions?... http://traffichoopla.com/r.cgi/15797 Bill Darton

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Thanks Very Much for this timely Insight! Like Will, I too need to get a proper grasp on the Hammer and Start Building. May U Have Great Success in All Your Endeavours!Donald Marshall

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Good job! That is what most of us need is effective useful resources! Thanks Bill!Doug Jamison

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