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Ronald Kufla

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$$$$$-> Zcode`s Automated Robot Proves To Make $641 In 24 hours [Report Inside]

Zcodes first Profit Report has been uploaded.. click the following link to study it... Boy it`s simply astounding!

Bets placed in 3 minutes a day yield those kind of results? I wonder why people waste their time building lists, building blogs or doing pay per click campaigns... if its so easy? But where is the catch?

They gained + $641 .. in 24 hours! Every single beta tester has made profits!

Now what "money making system" could compare to this? If you had been a Zcode member this money would be yours! Basically they use the mathematical approach combined with their robot.

3 minutes a day are all that it takes to place the bets Zcode suggests and wake up to profits the very next day... It`s still just one day yet and there are 3 more profit journals coming our way so let`S not get to carried away... but as a start it`s phenomenal!

Be quick and head over to the zcode website  because the report will be up only for a short time before they take it down.. you will see the picks, the percentage of wins the draws the losses, everything


There is a sign-up form there to participate in a draw for 5 yearly guaranteed memberships..

Winners will be declared on april 17th 2012 9AM EST.

Be quick to grab this freebie as long as you can.

Your friend

Ronald Octav


+$641 gained.. in a single day, I can`t wait for the promised profits journal tomorrow.. who knows if they can repeat this or maybe it was just "luck"?.We still have 3 more days of profit or loss reports coming... IM curious to see how this plays out... can`t wait for tomorrows report!


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