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Premium Product Profit Formula


Premium Product Profit Formula

Premium Product Profit Formula

Premium Product Profit Formula

Nick James’ Premium Product Profit Formula

Premium Product Profit Formula – Are You Frustrated That Selling $17 Products Doesn’t Add Up To Much? Is It Taking Far Too Long For You To Ramp Up Your Sales To The Level You Want?

“Insane” Product Developer Teaches How To Create Your Own $97 Product In 48 hours Or Less!

Premium Product Profit Formula

Recently I created a “behind closed doors” training presentation. And by “behind closed doors”, I mean I stayed in one room by myself until I finished the product. ?? You’ll find that I also have a warped sense of humor. Some might say it’s even “insane”. ??


Recently I created a jam-packed, nothing-but-the-meat, hour long training in which I teach how to create $97+ products in 48 hours or less. I’ve entitled it, “The Premium Product Profit Formula”. Catchy huh?

That’s what it is.

A system.

For creating premium products.

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

During this hour long video presentation, I divided things up into six sections. When you start watching the video, this is what you’ll see…

SECTION 1: 4 Shifts To Create Premium Products
There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between selling $17 products and $97 products. The activities are largely the same, but there are some certain things that you need to do differently if you want to make the jump to this price point. If they aren’t done, you’re gonna see a lot of refunds and will soon be back to selling $17 products. If you can sell those at that point.

SECTION 2: What Does A $97 Product Looks Like?
I’ll go ahead and give you a sneak preview of this section right now. The kind of product that I’m going to teach you to create is a “slide presentation video” sometimes known as a “powerpoint video”. There are other things that go into it which I will save for paying customers, but the primary thing you’ll learn how to create is a video. More on this in a moment…

SECTION 3: The Process Timeline For Creating $97 Products
In this part of the video, I’ll give you a simple breakdown of the two-day creation process. In fact, I’ll give you a couple of options to choose from. One should take about 17 hours to complete. The other about 12.5 hours. There is a LOT of cushion in the simple process I’ll be showing you to get done WELL BEFORE the 48 hour cutoff time.

SECTION 4: My #1 Strategy For Creating $97 Products In 48 Hours
This is probably the shortest section of the training, but arguably the one that leads to the most productivity. It’s an “optional” step, but one that I highly recommend. In fact, I created the entire product you are reading about – including this salesletter and webpage setup – in this time frame by using the strategy. Enough said.

SECTION 5: How To Create Your Video Product
This is where we will camp out for a while. It’s the nuts and bolts of the training. In this section, I’ll walk you through the process of creating your own video products step-by-step. It actually is a very easy system to reproduce. With the training and resources I’ll hand over to you, the end result will be a very polished, very professional, very appealing product. But the process is so simple I almost can’t believe it works so well. Yet, it does. Yippee!

SECTION 6: 7 Proven Ways To Add Value
Finally, we’ll work through some great strategies for turning your core training into an extremely professional package. That is to say, we’ll identify some things you can do to make your new package a very, very strong and appealing offer to your potential customers. This is where a $17 product can really be transformed into a $97 product. It’s like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon as a butterfly.

The running time for this training is one hour, thirteen minutes and ten seconds. (1h:13m:10s)

This is very solid training. Very solid. When you start watching it in a few minutes, you’ll see that what I teach really does work. So you might as well put it to work as well.

That’s Right.
Now You Too Can Create
Premium Products Quickly.
I’ll Supply Training, Resources
And Even Coaching!

Nick James Coaching Added As Two Bonuses

From Nick James:

“I’m going to include two coaching elements with your order of The Premium Product Profit Formula today.

While the training is crystal clear, and I think your chances of needing help are hovering around the zero percentile, I’m going to make absolutely certain. Here’s what you’ll also receive…

1. Group Coaching Q&A Session. What I have done is chosen ten of the most asked questions and I have answered them. I’ve compiled these questions and answers into a .pdf file that I’ll be including in your order today.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT .pdf. It’s 25 pages long and is full of ideas and strategies for making even more money from your products. I could have very easily turned this training into a “part 2 course” that would sell for ANOTHER $97, but I decided to include it at no extra charge. You can thank me later. ??

2. Personal Coaching. I normally charge up to $497 for a week of email coaching. That includes five questions asked sent to me by email which I answer back by email.

When I Tell You That I’m Adding In Three Email Coaching Questions To Your Order Today This Is No Small Thing!
This opportunity to ask me questions about creating your own products is worth every bit as much as you’ll pay for the entire package. This is real, one-on-one, personal coaching. You ask me a question and I answer it. There aren’t too many other well known internet marketers who are offering this kind of ACCESS!

If You Get “Stuck” And You Need Help, I’m Here To Help”

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Premium Product Profit Formula

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