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Affiliate Traffic Game Plan Review, Bonus, Demo From Nick James

Nick James’ Affiliate Traffic Game Plan

Affiliate Traffic Game Plan – If you have a traffic problem, you have a business problem.

Here’s the amazing no-cost strategy for getting other people in your niche to send you their very best customers. You never have to worry about traffic again when you find other people who are willing to get visitors to your website for you! You can put the exact strategies and emails that the experts use to work for you too.

Affiliate Traffic Game Plan

Your In-Depth Guide To Virtually Unlimited Traffic By Finding, Recruiting And Motivating The Best Affiliates And Other Marketing Partners In Your Nich To Promote You!

This is a meaty 110+ page guide that gives you the no budget, no out-of-pocket cost system for getting other people to send you traffic.

This course curriculum includes step-by-step instructions, plus you’ll get dozens of examples, tips, mini-blueprints, templates and ideas for successfully getting website traffic at no cost to you through affiliate and joint partnerships.

Simply put, you won’t find a better or more comprehensive course that gives you absolutely everything you need to start driving more traffic, generating more sales, and making more money than with affiliate traffic.

This jam-packed course includes four modules that cover everything you need to know about this strategy. It’s best suited for beginner and intermediate level marketers, but even the seasoned vets will find gold nuggets inside this course.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover inside each jam-packed module…

MODULE 1: Setting Up And Maximizing
Your Affiliate Program
Inside this module you’ll get step-by-step instructions for these three important pieces: 1. Setting up your affiliate tracking, 2. Getting your affiliate center ready, and 3. Creating an affiliate attack plan.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

You’ll find out the main two options you have for setting up your affiliate partner program–some people don’t even know the second option exists!
You’ll learn the pros and cons of the top three affiliate platforms so you can make the right choice for your business!
You’ll discover the #1 mistake new affiliates make that costs them a HUGE amount of money—check out this module to avoid this expensive mistake!
Why every affiliate program needs an affiliate center—and how you can gets yours set up quickly and easily!
The 9 key items you need to put in your affiliate center if you want all your affiliates to promote as much as possible!
The three types of affiliates who’ll join your affiliate program, and how to coax the biggest amount of effort and profit out of each type!
Sample affiliate plan (four weeks… day by day plan)… pg 30
And that’s just for starters! Take a look at the next module…

MODULE 2: Finding And Recruiting Affiliates
And JV Partners
Affiliates aren’t looking for you. You need to find them, and you need to get them to say yes to your partnership request. That’s what this module is all about. Here are just a few of the affiliate recruitment tips, tricks and strategies you’ll find inside this module:

You’ll discover the top ten ways to quickly and easily uncover dozens or even hundreds of potential partners, including super affiliates. (Some of these methods may surprise you!)

You’ll find out the #1 secret to getting prospective partners to say “yes.” (This could make or break your entire affiliate program!)
Here’s an insider secret: How to get a prospective partner to sit up and take notice of YOU. (They’ll practically be begging you to partner up!)
10 ways to build a relationship with a prospective partner, including the highly effective “Multi-Prong Method.” (See page 78 for a proven nine-point blueprint that’s sure to get you more yeses.)
You’ll get a complete recruitment strategy, including sample emails, phone scripts, and everything else you need to land a deal with the biggest affiliates in your niche!
Bottom line, this module is where the magic happens!

So what do you do once you have a team of super affiliates and other marketing partners who are eager to promote for you?

That’s next…

MODULE 3: Organizing Mass Traffic Strategies
For Launching Or Re-Launching Any Product
What do film companies, car companies, Apple and other big businesses have in common? Just this: when they want to make a ton of money with a new product, they roll out a carefully planned launch. And now you can do the same thing! Check out this module and you’ll find out:

The #1 worst way to launch a product—don’t use unless you want an embarrassing trickle of sales!
You’ll learn the four keys to a great launch (miss just one of these, and you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table)!
You’ll find out which five types of launches really work to jam your order form with sales… plus you’ll get a complete step-by-step blueprint for each type!
You’ll discover the best way to get your prospects hitting the order button the minute your product launches!
Who else wants server-crashing launches? Check out the Sideways Sales Letter blueprint inside this module to find out how to build anticipation and whip your prospects into a buying frenzy come launch day!
You’ll discover a different launch strategy that gets your entire industry buzzing about your product weeks or even months before you launch!
You’ll find out what the Sampler Launch is, and how to use it to build a lot of pre-launch anticipation for your product!
You’ll discover how to use the Sales Funnel Launch to create a big launch, plus sales that keep flowing for weeks and months to come!
Now this is cool: you’ll find out how to create an invitation-only launch event that makes your product go viral in a huge way!
You’ll learn the two secrets of renewing interest in old products—this is a great way to get the sales flowing again long after the launch excitement has died down!
Plus you’ll find out my personal system for getting affiliates to work super-hard and promote your product like crazy!
From launch strategies to keeping the post-launch sales flowing in, this module has you covered!

Now check this out…

MODULE 4: Participating In Lucrative
Traffic Partnerships
Getting marketing partners into your affiliate program is awesome—but that’s just the tip of the partner traffic iceberg! In this module you’ll discover 10 amazing ways to use joint ventures to grow your mailing lists, get more targeted traffic, create more assets quickly and easily, get more customers and make more sales! Plus you’ll even find out how to really ramp up your affiliate program…

Here’s a sneak peek:

You’ll find out how to turn your affiliate program into a hands-free profit center!
You’ll learn the keys to getting other people to publish your content on their popular, high-traffic blogs—you’ll even get an email template that’s sure to land you many lucrative opportunities!
You’ll find out how to borrow credibility from the top authors, experts, and marketers in your niche by co-creating content such as webinars, reports, ebooks and even interviews!
You’ll discover two clever ways to get your offer in front of proven customers using partner traffic!
You’ll find out what a “ride along” is and how you can use it to drive cash-in-hand customers directly to your order form!
You’ll get a smart step-by-step strategy for teaming up with other marketers in your niche to grow your list by leaps and bounds!
And much more. By the time you finish this module, you’ll see that the sky is the limit when it comes to growing your business with joint venture partnerships!

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