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Software Updates - 09/11/2020


Welcome … to all of our Builderall users, and a warm greeting to any new users. 


Smart entrepreneurs and professionals are discovering the power of Builderall’s Digital Marketing Platform by the thousands. When word gets out about all the exciting new features coming later this Fall when Builderall 4.0 is finally launched, you are going to be so glad you got here before the stampede of new users arrive in the next few weeks. (hint) If you are not already subscribed on the Premium Plan - do NOT wait! Once you are subscribed as a Premium user, you will ALWAYS have access to the Premium Plan at today’s cost. You will be glad you did. Bow is the time to LEARN-TEST-RISE-BUILDIT!


This week we have plenty of updates, and lots of fixes and improvements in the Booking App, the Webinar Builder, Supercheckout, Mockup Studio, Chat Builder, and the Professional Website Bot.





NEW!!! - We now have new options for the starting point field: (20, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210 and 240 minutes), and another to NOT allow customers to cancel their own appointments.


Rescheduling - It is now easy for your subscribers to change appointments they have set with you without having to get directly in touch with you or your team. Rescheduling is now available from the subscriber’s screen.


Schedule Management - The developers have added an action to delete multiple schedules from the subscriber’s screen. No need to do it one schedule at a time anymore. Another great feature - when a subscriber/host needs to make a change of plans, both parties have the option to communicate via email.


Classroom Calendar - With unlimited subscribers now available for your Classroom Calendars, you can pack your virtual events beyond capacity into the limitless. 


Attendance - The minimum attendance can now be defined in hours, minutes and days.


Security EnhancementsInvisible ReCaptcha and other security improvements have been employed to ensure your lists are high-quality leads.


Lists - We now have a collapse option in the list of subscriber dates.


Emails - If it is reasonable and doable, our team responds when a user asks! We had several requests to be able to remove the copyright information from automated emails. DONE! 


Character Counter - When entering text into all fields that have size limitations, the team has added a character counter to make it user friendly.


Calendar View Format - Busy entrepreneurs have busy schedules. With the new Calendar View Format you can see what is on the schedule across multiple calendars! This is a must have for many businesses. How about yours?


Software Updates - 09/11/2020


Zoom Integration - we are waiting for the Zoom Team to approve the integration release, and as soon as they do we will release this new feature to our users.





  • Thank You Page - We have a beautiful new Thank You Page!


Software Updates - 09/11/2020


  • Date Limit/Rolling Days - In consultation calendars, it is now possible to set a date limit or a period of calendar days so that the group is available for new appointments.


Date Limit 

Software Updates - 09/11/2020


Rolling Days

Software Updates - 09/11/2020


  • Cancel Appointment - You can send a notification to the subscriber and calendar hosts when canceling an appointment.

Software Updates - 09/11/2020


  • Email Quotas - It is now possible to set a schedule quota for each email address 


Software Updates - 09/11/2020




  • NEW Email Templates - The design team has been busy. Thanks, team!
  • Advanced Scheduling - Some options in the "Scheduling" step have been moved to "Advanced settings".
  • Loader - The is now a loader in the configuration wizard, for the calendar and registration components. 


Software Updates - 09/11/2020


  • MailingBoss List Integration - In calendars with manual approval, leads now go to the MailingBoss list only after approval.
  • Automatic Messages - You now can set separate information messages on the scheduling form and on the thank you page when scheduling is subject to approval and when sending notifications is active.
  • Module Format - There is a new component to display details of schedules in a module format.
  • Form Icons - The design team added icons representing each different type of field in the form editor.




  • Ghost Users - It is now possible to import/export ghost users and messages from a file.
  • Seat Counter - We now have the option to show or hide the count of free seats and maximum seats available for the webinar.
  • Form Output -We now have the ability to add parameters to the webinar/form url embed code to output navigated URLs.
  • Text Chat - The Dev Team has brought us a new text chat for the Webinar App, and it has a new moderation tool. You can see who is online, and the moderator will also have the ability to mute and unmute users. It is also possible to set the height of the text chat for desktop and mobiles separately, Well done!





Affiliation - Approve your affiliates instantly! This new option is available through Affiliation Settings.

Affiliate Commissions Management - Through the Affiliations Menu you can edit commission values from all your active affiliations individually.


MOCKUP STUDIO - You may notice improved performance in the Mockup Studio. Our developers gave that awesome app a little love and support. Check out the difference.


PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE BOT - The Builderall Professional Website Bot is such a great way to engage with your visitors, and now it is integrated with SMS, tool


CHAT BUILDER, VIDEO MANAGER, and BACK END - The Team has made the adjustments and these apps and the entire back-end is now cookie free.


Are you excited yet? We are! We can’t wait to bring you everything we have planned, but the best things take time to build right. We will be back next week for updates on the progress we make, but don’t wait too long to test some of these new features. Learn a little each week and get ready for more surprises and mind-blowing features coming later this fall. Build it with Builderall ... and get ahead of the coming crowd!

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