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Builderall updates

Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020

Builderall Team

Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020


Builderall Affiliate Meeting August 31, 2020



Welcome new affiliates! (01:40) - We love to welcome our new affiliates each week! One of the best things about being a Builderall affiliate is how easy it is to share your affiliate link. Builderall makes it as simple as asking a question. 


I’m having a great time giving away free websites, and I am making money doing it. It doesn’t cost anything to get started. You can sign up for free. Are you interested?


Another simple question -


How would you like a free website? 


It can be as easy as that. 


Get Sharing with Four Clicks (03:48) - Shelly Turner demonstrates it is only a matter of four clicks to get your affiliate link to share. No …. Wait a minute! It used to take four clicks, but now it takes ONLY THREE!


Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020


The Builderall Assistant (03:30) - The Builderall Assistant is a powerful example of using the Professional Website Bot. It takes full advantage of using automation to navigate the pages of a complex website. The flow of the questions directs the visitor successfully to a specific destination and result, and this sitebot is truly a work of art. This is not just a great place to begin as a new Builderall user. The Builderall Assistant can ALSO work for YOU by sharing the Builderall Affiliate training and resources to get your leads off to a strong start and earning as a Builderall Affiliate.


Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020


The Hidden Power of Builderall (08:00) - As a Builderall Affiliate, your secret power may take a while for you to recognize. What secret power do you already possess? The power to change another's life by offering them the same opportunity someone offered YOU.  The Builderall Digital Marketing Platform is a game-changer for anyone doing business online. The barriers that keep most from creating an online business fall away with our low-cost Premium Subscription Plan. 


James Neville-Taylor (11:57) - If you have been part of the Builderall Community for even a little while, you will come to know that no one better demonstrates the hidden power of Builderall mentioned above better than James Neville-Taylor. If you know James’ story you know how Builderall helped James transform his life dramatically. Those of us who have known James since those early days have had the pleasure of watching James emerge as a powerful and effective leader in every respect. James was an easy choice for our first Featured Builderall Affiliate this month. Congratulations, James, and thank you for all you generously give to the Builderall Community, and for demonstrating the potential of affiliate marketing done well!


Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020



Avoid Overwhelm (12:36) - Ask any of the leaders for some advice about getting started and most will mention - Do NOT try to learn EVERYTHING at once! When you finally get to understand how big the Builderall Toolbox is, it can be daunting and seem like too much to master. Sparta Chris, part of the Leadership Team, shares the learning strategy he used to give him the firm foundation he needed to soar to the heights of leadership and success. One great tool that he didn’t have then is the Builderall Tools Guide. With his experienced advice and this new resource, what will YOU do?  


Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020

Builderall Tools Guide


THREE CLICKS to Builderall Funnels Tour (15:31) - Remember those three clicks to share your affiliate link? Just look at all the options you have as a Builderall Premium Affiliate!

  • 14 Sales Page Funnels
  • 15 Business Opportunity Funnels
  • 6 ‘Other’ Funnels
  • 4 Checkout Funnels


Builderall Knowledgebase (20:48) - It really doesn’t matter how long you have been using Builderall or promoting the amazing Builderall platform, the Builderall Knowledgebase is a resource that will continue to be of great value as you build your own Builderall dynasty. If you are a Builderall Affiliate you may want to begin your journey here.




Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020



Builderall Plans Menu - Visit the links and learn about the different Builderall Plan Options so you can choose the best option to send to offer your audience.


Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020

New Member Menu - Check out the new Glossary we added. The glossary is growing everyday and can help you learn the lingo when you are new to digital marketing.


Affiliate Updates - 09/02/2020



Blog Updates - The Builderall Blog Updates are a weekly event you do not want to miss. Stay tuned in to both Affiliate Updates and the Software Updates each week to be informed of the new features, opportunities, and resources our team brings each and every week.


Builderall Marketplace (24:17) - Builderall wants to bring you everything you need to build an amazing online business. Learn the tools and strategies to build a team of your own. The rewards will just keep on coming, too! Soon you will be able to earn commission on sales of products you never actually promoted with the Builderall Marketplace. When you do the work to build a team, and then anyone on your team purchases from the Builderall Marketplace, your reward is the bonus commission YOU earn from their purchase. SWEET DEAL!


BE BOLD and SHARE - The coming launch of Builderall 4.0 is approaching and the time to get ready is now. Share the Builderall Opportunity now and begin to build a team of your own. Be brave. Be bold. Give everyone you know the opportunity to completely change their life and make their dreams come true.

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