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Software Updates - 09/04/2020


The entire Builderall Team is always excited to welcome ALL our subscribers to weekly updates about the Builderall Digital Marketing Platform. Our mission is to bring you the best tools and integrations to grow your business. To our newest members … get ready to be amazed every week! If you missed this week’s Member’s Meeting, here are the highlights of what you missed, and other news, too! 


Welcome New Members (01:30) - We are so glad you are here. Members that have been using Builderall for a little while remember what it is like when you are a brand-new user. There is a lot of excitement … of course! With 40+ leading-edge digital marketing tools at your fingertips, it is very easy to want to try to learn it all at once. 


Most new users can feel overwhelmed by the options they have before them, so be sure to pace yourself. Do NOT try to learn too much too fast and end up getting frustrated. Learn from those of us that have come before you, and just choose a few tools. Master them before you move on. It won’t be long before the REAL power of the Builderall platform will become obvious and even easy! That is the hidden power of Builderall - the POWER to transform YOUR life! Give yourself the time it takes to learn how to wield that power. 

FEATURED SUPER-USER - Lisa Hanfileti - Lisa Hanfileti may not appear to some as a digital marketing super-hero, but if you talk to the people she has helped create real results in their own businesses using the Builderall platform, they can see the super-hero uniform peeking from beneath her otherwise conservative attire. Lisa is an acupuncturist by trade who came to Builderall to help build her own business. If you haven’t seen Lisa’s videos, visit Healthy Business Tech, her YouTube channel and see this Super-User Super-Hero in action, and you will see her leave it all on the table with great research and sound advice for others building a business online.


Software Updates - 09/04/2020



Learn How to Show & Tell for Profit (04:55) - Sparta Chris exemplifies the results you can get once you master the tools! Chris focused on the amazing and FAST Cheetah Builder on a webinar he offered at his local university. He didn’t wait to master ALL of the tools. He didn’t have to wait. Well done, Sparta Chris!


Software Updates - 09/04/2020

New Knowledgebase (08:39) - For new and old users, alike, the Builderall Knowledgebase can become your best friend when you are learning anything Builderall. You just need to remember to use it, and make it the FIRST place you look for answers. Everyone will think you are sooo smart!

  • Getting Started with the Tools - Everything you need to know about the 40+ tools we have in the Builderall platform can be accessed through this top menu item. You can find the tools listed in the same categories as on the Builderall Dashboard to make it easy to locate when you need it fast
  • Tools Guide - The Tools Guide is a PDF ready for you to download and print. Use it to take notes as you explore the tools. It can be a great help in deciding where YOU want to begin.


Software Updates - 09/04/2020


  • Home Page Highlights - Discover all of the important links to events, meetings, groups, and resources provided for the Builderall Community. 
  • Shelly's Emails (12:33) - Shelly Turner shares her actual email swipes so YOU can get an idea of how easy it is to write your own.
  • Top Menu Knowledgebase (15:10) - The TOP MENU of the Knowledgebase has lots of important items that you will want to explore. You will also find access to pages about BUILDERALL PLANS, the link to the BUILDERALL BLOG, SUPPORT, and even a link to take you back to your DASHBOARD.

Software Updates - 09/04/2020


  • Affiliate Opportunity (18:55) - If you are not a Builderall affiliate … why not? It is FREE, and you are leaving money on the table. 




Builderall Blog Builder (19:41) - Now you can lock down your blog with the new Lead Capture feature.

Supercheckout (22:34) - Instant approval for affiliation. Affiliatize any product with Builderall’s Supercheckout. It is THIS easy! Start in Supercheckout, go to Edit product, then go to Affiliation, enable automatic affiliation approval, and SAVE. Now you know how to Build Your Own Affiliate Army!


Builderall Booking (27:00) - There are so many great things about the new Builderall Booking App. Here are just a few:

  • NEW! Feature - Subscriber can cancel their own appointments.
  • 3 Calendar Styles - Consultation, Event, and the new Classroom. 
  • NEW Feature! - You can now send reminder texts via SMS.
  • Integration to Google Calendar.
  • COMING SOON! - Integration to Zoom and integration to the Builderall Webinar App.


Beta Testing Cheetah Funnel Builder (30:51) - The Cheetah Funnel Builder is being tested hard to get it ready for a release to the entire community, and those that have been putting the app through heavy tests report it is going to be a real game changer.


How to Make Money Building Funnels and Never Build a Website (36:00) - If you missed the meeting, be sure to find the timestamp and cash in on the great idea.


Upgrade to Premium Plan before the coming launch of Builderall 4.0 - You will be glad you did, If you are subscribed to the Premium plan when we launch Builderall 4.0, you will be grandfathered into the same plan at no additional cost! That gives you access to 40+ tools, 300 high-quality funnels including agency funnels, and all of the lead magnet funnels.


Lead magnet funnels are designed to help you build YOUR mailing list for YOUR business, not to sell Builderall. Those leads are YOUR leads, and a great mailing list is like having money in the bank!


Give Yourself Permission to LEARN (44:20) - So take a deep breath and give yourself the gift of patience. It takes time and practice to learn new things, but you have an entire community of Builderall neighbors to help you get acquainted. 






  • New options have been added for the starting point field.
  • The option to not allow customers to cancel their own appointments has been added.
  • The minimum attendance can now be defined in hours, minutes and days.
  • We have added invisible ReCaptcha and other security improvements.
  • Rescheduling is now an option in the subscriber’s screen.
  • You can delete multiple schedules from the subscriber’s screen.
  • Unlimited subscribers limit in the Classroom calendar has been added.
  • Copyright removal from emails.
  • A character counter in all fields that have size limitations has been added.




Instant Affiliation Approval - This new option is available through Affiliation Settings

Commissions Value - Through the affiliations menu you can edit commission values from all your active affiliations individually.


That wraps up the important updates from the Builderall Team for this week. Take some time to learn something you didn’t know about the Builderall tools this week, and we will be back again with more updates and great news next week. Have a prosperous week, and go Build It - WITH BUILDERALL!

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